Kpop group NOM: my fan accounts (엔오엠)

NOM is an underrated Kpop group that debuted in 2013 and later on disbanded and became Top Secret. This fan account is my personal encounters and thoughts during their visits in the Philippines.

**Note: The topmost fan accounts are the latest ones.

KTO event Glorietta, October 2015
As we arrived at the venue, I see a lot of familiar faces. But of course, I’m in my default snobbish face so I’m always giving them that poker face look. It’s just that I’m not feeling well. For those who know me, they are used to that but for those who didn’t;, they find it awkward to approach me. It was just the beginning of the day for almost everyone, but not for me and Jel.

We had a lot of things done and still have a few more to wrap up. I was taking pictures during NOM’s performance when I heard a person obviously bragging her position as an admin. I had all my sleeping nerves woke up and all the blood reach my restless brain. I look back and gave this glare.

The only thing I had in mind is to leave, ‘I’ve had enough.’ On the other hand, I really did enjoy NOM’s performance. I stayed near the stage to get a few good shots and I find myself smiling in front of K. A lot of things changed including their looks and I must say they performed really well. I called K so he would look at my camera. He gave me a glance and smiled. He even pointed out on me (or maybe my camera).

From that time onwards, he always gives that charming or aegyo look in front of my camera. I intentionally didn’t join the fan signing event in this venue. I want the other new fans to experience the same thing as my first NOM experienced. And yes, it obviously went well. Things might have changed but NOM’s love for the fans would always be the same.

The same handsome boy next door K, the cutie Yohan and the hyper leader Ain. The NOM I always loved and supported. Obviously, Ain had a hard time expressing himself in English but he keeps trying so the audience would understand them. While of course, Ain and K are having trouble speaking, Yohan is busy doing a lot of poses for the fans. They performed all their singles, Pretty noona, you it’s you, kidding me and Only U.

I was doing the fan chant all the time. Oh, maybe not the fan chant, I was actually singing all the way. They also performed Super Junior’s sorry sorry (K’s favorite group) and Pusong bato. After, Ain gave his energetic goodbye and thank you to everybody.

NOM event preparation/ more of a fan account and rant
(For Glorietta and fanmeet, October 2015)
This is a run-down of my own preparation for NOM’s event. We were at another concert when I was first informed about the fanmeet. The first thing that came into my mind is the event venue, and yes, I know that the perfect venue for it would be the one near MOA. (We were planning for another event for that venue before so I know that they have a good area for the fanmeet.) Plus the fact that NOM requested to have the venue on the way to the airport because they would have their flight at the evening. To be exact, I only have 3 weeks of preparation time for the whole event. I took charge of the preparation including the reservations.

On my first week of preparation, I checked on the venue and cost of the food, gift, freebies, and other expenses. I wrote all the possible expenses for the whole event. When I had an idea of the summation, I divided all the costings for the fans. I tried to minimize all the expenses so the fans would be able to catch up with the admission fee. Also, I tried to maximize the possible freebies and prizes for the event so they would appreciate the event.

When I came up with the plans, I asked for the help of my other admins. To be honest, I gave up midway. It was actually a hopeless case but then I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout. We lack funds, effort and a few more things I don’t anymore want to name. To make it short, I have no more motivation to do it. Not until someone offered me his help. He paid the down payment for the venue and the other freebies too in advance. And I am really thankful he was there to help me.

We were assigned to different tasks. And yes, I did suck up with many people. I’m happy that I choose to do that. If they didn’t hate me for being bossy, no event would happen at all. So yes, I was cursing too many people for not doing their tasks properly, that some of my friends are doing the tasks on behalf of those who didn’t. For the whole week, I luckily had 4-5 hours of sleep daily.

On the second week, I had all the freebies, prizes and other gifts placed for customization. I am not taking all the credits but I believe that I played 60-70% of all the work. I asked the help of my friends for the preparation because I’m not anymore getting any presence from the other admins. The event preparation became a four-man (Me, Aira, Jiyeon, and Joliza) show plus the help of other provincial fans and my friends. I am really avoiding this to happen, I don’t often open up things like this but I can’t help it. These were the days that I often cry due to too much stress for school works, house duties, project deadlines, paper submissions, and this fanmeet.

These were the days that I could consider hell week. I only had like 2-3 hours of sleep daily during this week. I prepared the guest list, the games, the other materials for the event and a few more things. In addition, I’m also asking my friends’ help for the event attendees. I don’t know how I survived to chat 20+ people at the same time. I always answer messages no matter how senseless some of them are. Yes, I still managed to do that.

On the third week, I’m still out in the rain because I have to finish a lot of things. I need to work on my schedule properly whether it’s raining or not. Banking has been my daily routine, malls had been my second home. These were the days that I spent around 4-5 thousand pesos for the fanmeet (both for personal needs, gifts, and other transportation costs.) I did the finishing touches for the event.

As always, no event would run smooth sailing always, I had a lot of conflicts along the way, lack of budget, production time, mismanagement and misunderstandings. To be honest, I am this type of person who has a high standard in everything. I always want what I envision to happen exactly the way I wanted it to be; this is the reason why I always get involved in all the details of the preparation.

On NOM’s arrival day, I’m not feeling well, maybe due to over fatigue. We ran into the freebies production shop to pick up the printed fans but unfortunately, it wasn’t completed yet. Afterward, we went to MOA to meet up my friends for exchange of materials to be signed by NOM.

I have bitterness during this time, a lot. This was the time that I felt I did sacrifice a lot. The fact that a few people were able to welcome them here again and here I am, on my way to a friend’s house for overnight because we need to rush everything. In my discretion, it’s too unfair for me.

We reached Jel’s house at 11PM and had a decent meal at 1AM. I had a sleep at 3:30AM and woke up at 7AM. I was accounting everything to make sure that we have enough funds for the next day. In the morning, we still finished everything before going to Glorietta. We had our breakfast at 11AM. We rushed to Glorietta with so many things with us. And I will never forget the taxi who charged 140 pesos for a ride from Buendia to Glorietta which estimated cost only 70-80 pesos.

Surprise Party for Ain and Yongki’s Birthday <Jollibee>, <February 2015>

After the heartbreaking canceled fan signing event in SMX, we decided to follow NOM for the supposed to be ‘exclusive surprise party’ for the boys. Since too much emotion arises from earlier happenings, expect that all the fans that went to Jollibee were all disappointed. What we did was to check whether a reservation was made for the party and not-so-surprisingly, there is no reserved slot for that day. From the very start, I do not believe with the so-called sponsorship of that someone since he looks fake from the very beginning that we met him. On the other hand, when he arrived, he did a last minute arrangement of the event and proudly told us that he made it.

Talking about the party, yes, we were already a part of it. I was supposed to call all the people I know in SMX to join us with the surprise but unfortunately, we were told not to do it. Every part of the arrangement is in a hurry. The fan sites bought cakes and other materials. My hands were even shaking when I was writing the birthday greeting on a piece of cartolina, while the others are arranging the balloons and other stuff. This is the first time that I was able to see NOM Street and NOM Ph work together for the boys. Back then, when I became a fan of NOM, I always find tension with these two fans club.

When they arrived at the venue, we were all lined up. Yohan first entered the place and gave us that ‘what are you doing?’ look. Then the screams and greetings started when one of us used the party poppers to signal that Ain and Yongki entered.

The party went well. While the boys are eating, we, the fans are having a good time together. Yohan, Yongki, Ain and K gave us that ‘Why are they having photos without us?’ look so we join them and had a group photo together! NOM is a group that you would surely love.

When the boys finished eating, my friend Jiyeon and I were told to host the party. That’s crazy since I just had a scoop of ice cream and a bite of chicken. I haven’t started with my food yet properly. But then, since I need to, we started the party with the paper dance. The members would look for their partners. But Ain refused to join because his back aches. (Though I think he was just making excuses). We decided that Ain would be one of the judges and would be the one to pair the boys with the fans. The funniest part is that when Ain look for Yohan’s partner, it was a guy!

When Jollibee arrived, you could seriously see the fanboy side of the boys! Ain runs to Jollibee and keeps on jumping, while Yohan loves to touch Jollibee’s stomach. They had a Kidding Me showdown that made the party really fun!

In that event, I could really see Ain having fun. Even the other boys had fun! Basically, the event was Ain, taking selca with Jollibee, Yongki, taking selca all by himself, K, taking videos of the event and Yohan playing with balloons.

In this event, one thing is for sure, language is a barrier. When we had the game for the minimum to maximum, (basically, the rule is just to arrange yourselves according to the MC’s instruction) we badly need to shout to the boys what they must do. We need to translate the words from English to Korean and it’s actually hard since it’s on the spot. Obviously, the fans won this game and Ain’s complains a lot about it since he says ‘I am Korea.’ (I am Korean), ‘You Speak Korean, not English.’

As to how every party ends, we all took greeted Yongki and Ain and sang a happy birthday song for them! While obviously, K is still doing the video and Yohan is still playing with his balloon. Ain demanded another video greeting for his brother.

Then, after the blowing of cakes, Yongki and Ain gave us a bite of their cakes. They roam around to make sure that they gave the fans a scoop of their cakes and say that they were thankful for the party.

Truly, NOM is a group that a fan will never forget. They are not just good performers, they love their fans so much and they appreciate all the efforts exerted for them. Ain also mentions about this party in one of their radio gusting. He says it was one of his memorable experiences in the Philippines and he felt touched.

NOM SMX <February 2015>

I had a cold as I woke up in the morning but still, I must go to this event since it was a reserved slot and I badly don’t want to waste it. Jel and I went to the mall first to buy gifts for the boys. To beat the time, we had a taxi ride to Mall of Asia. One of the craziest things is that we are wrapping the gifts inside the taxi that makes it the seats and our bags, a total mess. We were able to make it on time!

Of course, I’m with my adventure buddy and that’s a sure thing! Before the event started, we were asked if we would go for the fan signing or just go and watch NOM’s performance. We all decided to go for the fan signing event, but unfortunately, the fan signing was canceled. It seriously is one annoying and heartbreaking day for us NEYBS. A lot of things happen and it was the first time that I saw a lot of my friends crying. 

Arrival <airport, February 2015>
A few hours before NOM arrived; I need to go to Ateneo to claim our prize in a contest, unfortunately, that was the last day of claiming so I badly need to catch up with it. After, I rushed to the airport hoping that I’ll be able to see and welcome them upon their arrival. Luckily, I was able to make it! It’s happy that I am able to see a lot of NEYBS and it’s nice to know that most of them are my friends! NOM became a highway for me to know a lot of Kpop fans under the same fandom. This is one of the reasons why I was never able to leave them. Upon their arrival, fans are given the opportunity to enjoy the short quality time together with the boys. They had the usual selca time and signing of photos and other fan-made banners!

Departure <airport, October 2014>

For their departure, my friend and I went to the airport in uniform since we are about to go to school after sending them. They gave us 15 minutes to bid farewell to the boys and have selca with them. Also, all the fans had a group photo with the boys before they enter the airport!

Mall Tour <SM, Dasmarinas, October 2014>

For their final stop, SM Dasmarinas! Our leader Ain even cried out in this event. Also, albums got sold out in their previous stop so they only got posters for the fan signing event. I find this event the longest compared to their other mall tours, maybe because it’s the last. My favorite would always be their cover for Super Junior’s Happiness. This always marks the end of their show and truly they gave a lot of happiness to NEYBS.

Mall tour <Sm Fairview, October 2014>

From south to north! We’ve got a lot of efforts for this event as well. My friends and I bought a cake and balloons! Also, we had portraits of NOM as gifts. Again, this is the second part of our gift! And they obviously loved the portraits!

When they blew for the cake, K used his nose and really all the candles got blown out. After their performance, we waited outside the restaurant where they had dinner. We had a chance to take photos with them and gave us a hug us before they went to the parking lot!

Mall tour <SM Rosario, October 2014>

Same as their other events, Nom performed well here in this venue. Provincial and Metro Manila fans gathered here to watch our boys on stage! Yohan even showed his boy next door side as he performed Justin Bieber’s baby! (Though Ain was actually the one who did the rap part) Yongki also showed his abs in one of his solo performance. Meanwhile, we helped Ain’s fansite promote her account by giving out promotional cards.

KZONED <Sm Megamall, October 2014>

This event was supposed to be our last event. (Pertaining to my friends and me) since we find a lot of conflicts under this fandom. I would not mention it anymore since it’s not anymore necessary. We gave our all-out support for this event. Five of us prepared the gifts, cakes for NOM while photo cards, balloons and printed banner for fans, all of it coming from our own pocket.

Yes! We made our goal of going up on stage and give them the cake. We are all thankful that it happened. And maybe it’s not the end yet for us because we are still not giving up on this fandom. The event ended with a photo opportunity at the backstage. It was quite fast compared to their other events. But then, I am sure the boys are tired so it’s still fine.

Arrival <airport, October 2014>

I’ve seen a lot of my friends on this arrival date! One of the reasons why I enjoyed going to Nom events is that they made me closer to people. Going to events is much more than just the artist. Upon their arrival, a lot of fans were given a chance to have selca. While I simply enjoy taking their photos so I could update the page.

I guess taking photos with them isn’t my first priority anymore. Since I had a lot of NEYB friends in the province, my priority is to send them updates about NOM events in Manila rather than updating them with selca. I only do selca when they have spare time.

Brothers KTV <June 2014>

After NOM’s event in SM Fairview, my friends and I decided to follow them in Brothers Ktv. This was a really close encounter with them for a fan meeting. They had their dinner and we simply decided to wait until the fan signing event. 

Again, we had a chance to get a selca and asked them to write messages on the poster. I never knew this would be the last time that I would be seeing Hu. It was actually weird because after this event, that guy became my bias and all he did was leave the group.

Mall tour <SM Fairview, June 2014>

Their last stop in Manila is SM Fairview. I find it the place with the most number of fans. The same thing happened, a lot of fan girls and fanboys all over the place. I really had so much fun meeting these guys. In every venue, I met new faces, new people to spazz with and it really made me enjoy kpop even more. They showed us their usual energetic performances and they never failed to amaze the fans with their fan service.

Mall tour <SM San Lazaro, June 2014> 

Since I met a few people in Rizal Park, I had a few companions in their SM San Lazaro event. It’s just a gap of two or three days I think. So there, they had a mall show. Again, I bought another copy of their album for the fan signing event. Once again, they performed the same set of dances and songs but I still managed to enjoy watching them. I met a few more people and we had a lot of fun together. 

How we met? <June 2014>

I first heard about these guys when I was scrolling down in my news feed. I saw an ad, particularly a poster about a fan meeting. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to that event so I waited for another schedule. Then I learned that they will have a show in Rizal park so I actually went there to see them.

Nothing’s new with me going to mall tours, concerts and events alone so I had the same thing when I went to the venue. I waited for long hours to see them because there was a free open concert before their performance. Anyway, the wait is worth it since it’s really fun watching them. I also purchased a copy of their album and planned to go to their next events. They actually had a fan signing activity also!