The most unxpected dinner date with M.pire; Kfest 2014 (엠파이어)

I am a fan of Red when Mpire first went to the Philippines. But due to visa issues, I guess that moment wasn’t meant for us to meet. 

Despite that, I took the VIP section for the said event since tickets for that section are pre-ordered. To lessen my bitterness of not seeing him, I bought a copy of their album so that I would be able to see him.

The whole event bored me since I don’t have anyone with me. But then, when they went out to perform their first song, I grab my phone and took videos! The fun started since the crowd totally cheered for them. My battery was down to 6% when I was about to take the last video. Sad life indeed. 

But the next portion of the show totally changed my mood! Names for the winners were called and luckily, my name was actually the first one. When I was about to go the stairs beside the stage, the manager of the event told me to just step on the speaker, but then, it was too high and I guess Lumin just noticed that since he lend his hand to help me step and reach the stage. (that was a moment of OMG! I JUST DIED hahahaha). Since I was not listening, I was actually clueless of what I am doing in front, I thought I won an album or something but it was actually a DINNER DATE with them! HUHU. I wonder why I won a dinner date without actually having my bias there? Though I actually like Lumin also hihihi. I had a selca with T.O. on stage and one of the staffs took a photo of me with Lumin.

After that, they had a fan signing event wherein they gave their really cool fan service! Their hugs are really daebak! Hihi. I can’t remember if I had a single moment on stage without actually smiling.

As we approach the place for the dinner date, I had these butterflies in my stomach hahaha. I wonder why as well. Probably because the word *date* seems awesome, isn’t it? The funny thing is that I could actually see their mannerism while they eat Hahaha. Jerry looks cool with his bandana while eating! The date itself only gave the opportunity to have a group photo with them! But honestly, the moment is way too awesome!