Meeting Joe inoue! The three splendid days with Joe

I’ve been watching Joe Inoue’s live broadcasting for quite a while already and I really find him interesting and funny. Well, meeting him personally is another thing; I never expected he’ll be this awesome when you see him. So, I wrote this account to share my three remarkably awesome days with Joe!

The day of his arrival in Manila is also the same day my friend I started our journey of #FindingJoe. This is basically a Joe Finding series (the struggle of fans in surviving Manila’s traffic, beating the time to reach Joe’s fan meet place and the hunt for Joe itself.) After all, the struggle is real.

2016/02/26 – Alphaland

Since he announced in his account that he’ll be in Manila by 10 AM, my friend and I decided to check on him at the airport and simply say ‘Hi.’ Unfortunately, the adventure started with our stupidity, messing up with the journey because we went the wrong way to the airport and reached another place. I felt weird that we ended up that way because I’ve been on that airport terminal for so many times and that was actually the first time I got lost.

Afterwards, we decided to eat out since its lunch time. I checked on his account and saw that he’ll be doing a fanmeet in Alphaland an hour later. We took this chance to finally meet Joe; second time for my friend and first time for me.

Well, I am this type who doesn’t really speak that much when it comes to fan gatherings. I may not seem to look that way but well, I do. So yeah I just keep silent because basically, I am shy. Second, I don’t have an idea how he treats his fans personally and I don’t want to sound like a jerk trying to be cool. Lastly, I don’t know what to talk about. That was during his first Fanmeeting in Manila for 2016’s event and that’s at Alphaland Mall.

He walked from his hotel to the mall so we waited a few minutes before he arrived in the meeting place. Afterwards, he gave each one of us a hug and thanked us for coming to have lunch with him. Well, I don’t often experience such so I’m glad with what he did.

After deciding on what to eat for lunch, we settled on a long table and they started to talk. Since Joe speaks in English, it’s easier for us to understand him. I can’t really understand everything he says because my friend seats between us and there’s background music in the food chain so the noise isn’t helping.

I love the reaction of Joe when he saw the chicken on his plate. He says it seems like a muscled man and even re-enacted that look. He entertains questions and gives his views about random things including his interest in riding jeepney. He says he trust us if we’ll be accompanying him in riding jeepney but as the fans share a few awful stories, he obviously look a little discourage and I find the weird look on his face.

This is probably the most fan interacted-fanmeet i’ve been to all my life. It seems like it was just a friendly hang-out and it’s a good thing since we’ve got to know more about Joe and we are open to say anything.

My friend and I decided to have mais con hielo for dessert while they were eating their lunch. That’s because we had our lunch before coming to the fanmeet. A little while, Joe asked what it was made of and my friend explained its contents. Later on, Joe says it’s the ‘basic halo halo.’ We’ve got a few conversations when he said that we should take photos. It’s a funny and cool photo since he imposed that the one who wouldn’t make a weird face would look like a loser. And yes, we all had that weird face look. HAHA. Unfortunately, he didn’t upload the photo. Was it meant for his eyes only?

After lunch, he was looking for a fruit shake so we walked around the mall. After he chose what to drink, we just had a few talk and photo taking moments when he said he has to leave because he is experiencing jetlag and of course, we understand that he needs to sleep. We walked him to the mall entrance and he actually hugged us again and said thank you. That’s how nice he is and I’m not even expecting that! He waved a goodbye and simply walked back to the hotel. It’s cool to meet great artists with really nice and humble personality. Well from that day on, I already considered myself a true Joepanese.


 2016/02/27 – Shangrila Mall

Before reaching the venue, my friend and I decided to shop a few gifts for Joe. We bought Philippine delicacies at the supermarket so he could try it. Afterwards, we went to the department store to buy a paper bag. That was the moment when we saw Filipino-inspired shirts and we can’t help but check on the designs. In the end, we decided to buy the ‘I ♥ Manila’ shirt for him. One of the reasons is that it has a jeepney design in the heart.

As early as we settled, the sound check of the performers started. After a few minutes, it was time for Joe’s sound check and it’s just a glimpse because ‘twas only 2-3 minutes.

As we wait for the event to start, we saw him roaming around the mall and in different floor levels. We left our seat for a while and decided to bring him the gifts we’ve got. That was the time he was on the 3rd floor and it’s just an escalator away. Upon reaching the 3rd floor, there is no trace of Joe. He walks that fast and we had trouble where to find him.

We decided to check on the other side of the building and saw him sitting with his earphones on. It was a line of chairs facing the atrium where the event is happening. We were even shy to approach him because we’ve got no idea what to say. When he saw us, he removed his earphones and that was when we gave him our gifts. He checked them on the spot and said he’ll gonna wear the shirt in one of his events. As always, my friend and I are speechless. We often give shirts as gifts and get such promises so I don’t really believe it that much. Though it was a different thing now because my guts say I must believe it.

The funny thing in this scene is that he shows all our gifts to the audience in the atrium. And that made me and my friend a little shyer because there are a lot of people in the atrium looking towards us. Take note, he’s showing it one by one. After that, we went back to our seat and once again, Joe suddenly disappeared from his seat. LOL.

We waited for his turn to rock the stage and as expected, he never failed to disappoint us. He got the supremacy to catch all the attention and the humor to amaze the audience with his wit. That includes rated-18 humor. Oh, and by the way, he left us shocked after showing that he wore the shirt we gave him. Seriously, my friend and I can’t contain the feels! And yes, that’s one of his ways to show that he loves Philippines.

He sung three songs and said goodbye to the audience. But then, he invited us to attend his event the next day. A few photo taking moments happened and then it’s time to leave the venue. Afterwards, we got one of my shot printed and my friend framed it so we could give it to Joe the next day. Well, that’s our way of saying thank you for wearing the shirt.


2016/02/28 – Whitespace Manila

I came from another event before this one. I’m even in the middle of a decision whether or not to attend this event. But then, I still pushed it through and we made it to the venue just a few minutes before the ingress! I can’t say no to my friends and I want to see Joe once again for the last time before he leaves for Myanmar; after all, it’s the highlight of his Manila tour!

Beatmotors stunned the fans as they rock the stage with Japanese and English songs. Well, since this is my fan account for Joe, I’ll focus on his part the most. HAHA. When it was his turn, my friend and I wore the headbands with Joe’s face. That’s supposed to be our couple headband because we’re wearing couple shoes. Don’t get me wrong, we’re both fan girls. Haha. Joe noticed that while he was on stage because he even pointed to it and smiled.

He sung a few Japanese songs and tells stories in between. That includes his experiences while dating! Afterwards, my friend decided to throw her headband on the stage so Joe would wear it. But of course, we are both shy so we asked another friend to lend it to him. Well, that’s a success because he wore it until his last performance.

I have two favorite parts on the event. The first one is when he played the guitar and even compared the guitar to a female. Lol. Let’s just leave that part on the attendees. Well, the part that I love is when he played a song he composed for Filipino fans. Also, he sung a ‘sweet- I haven’t move on’ song Jet lag (one of my English song) and a ‘teenager’ song of my favorite rock band. Forgive me, I’m bad at song titles and set list.

In what way would you wrap your segment on a concert? Well, Joe did it best when he sung his self-composed song, the popular ‘closer’ that made the whole crowd wild while chanting.  

After that, we were able to give him the photo that my friend framed! I love that ‘Oh my God’ and that surprised look in his face HAHAHA. And yes, that's the second part. Anyway, I’ll be waiting for his comeback in Manila! For now, that’s a wrap.