SHP Bibimbap: Trying out Korean food with Teddies

Eating alone is a big No! No! Koreans traditionally eat in pairs or groups. However, it’s not all the time that schedules meet and we could eat with our families and friends. SHP Bibimbap won't allow you to suffer from eating alone 'cause they've got lots of huge teddies to dine in with you.

Ella's experience:

With that idea, Koreans designed special restaurants to cater these ‘loners’ by giving them ‘someone’ to eat out with. Unfortunately, this ‘someone’ cannot speak, but then it’s always willing to listen to your stories all day long. Also, it will give you a really sweet smile always!

The popularity of Korean restaurants with close to life-size stuffed animals available to ‘date’ developed through time. In a short while, worldwide adaptations arise and currently, a resto in Manila is offering bear attractions for their beloved customers.

Filipinos might not be that open to this concept but it’s nice to give it a try. Well, at first, I find it awkward to eat with stuffed toys. Of course, it’s still best to talk with people. However, you could tell them secrets that you can’t share with your family and friends. Whatever your mood is, whatever story you’ve got and it’s cool to think that you have someone beside you whom you could cuddle anytime. The cute huge bears are also picture ready!

They’ve got selections of bears to date out with. Well, I have a great love for pandas so I took the biggest of them all, the king panda! This is quite heavy so it requires two hands in carrying it. I can’t afford to drag them on the floor because it will get dirty.

Another good thing about this resto is that they’ve got varieties of Kimbap and Bibimbap. Two of my favorite Korean food! Aside from their huge servings, they also give complementary side dishes, a common banchan (side dish) in a regular Korean restaurant. Also, their blends are really huge in serving!

You’ll surely be having that Seoul feel during your stay. Like traditional Korean resto, guests need to remove their shoes since they have to seat on the elevated area but still, it’s on the floor. The next time that you happen to eat alone or you and your friends just want to try something new. Take this concept into consideration! Surely, you will enjoy taking lots of selfies with the cute teddies like I did.