My experiences as Krew!

The Korean Cultural Center supporters help the staffs in events to promote Korean culture in the Philippines. In exchange, you go behind the scenes and experience KCC events in a different perspective. Tasks of volunteers are divided into three:

Looking for reasons to join the KCC supporters’ team? Here’s why. Do you have a great love for Korean culture? Wish to learn more? Experience more? Then, this is for you! 


Since KCC do regular concert and event screenings, they need volunteers to man the booth and registration. Same goes with special events! The bigger the event, the more manpower it requires. At times, events also happen outside KCC so you’ll be able to visit other universities etc.

Here are a few of my experiences:

a. Invitations - My first task in KCC was to prepare invitations for the exhibit opening. So what we did was to put names on the envelopes and posters! We were the first few people who saw the exhibit as we are preparing the invitations while the artists are fixing the gallery. 

b. Tech booth – Events require equiptments so there should be someone to help in the booth. Basically, the task includes playing videos, adjusting volumes and speakers. You can also watch the show too! I man the tech booth for a fan club gathering and drama screening once and I really had fun helping them out!

Opening Exhibit for 'The Beautiful Journey in the world' 

c. Photographer – Take photos of the exhibits, events and contests! You’ll be able to capture photos of well-known and important people during KCC events. Also, get your shots posted on the KCC page!

Korean Culture Caravan in UST

d. Judges Assistant, stage assistant, usher – Since KCC holds various types of contests and events, some volunteers are asked to help out special guests, judges and the audience. I tried assisting the judges during a culture caravan and we also fixed the prizes for the winners.

IKON Showtime Screening 

e. Registration – As I mentioned earlier, events for KCC requires registration of attendees. Thus, someone must man the registration area to make the flow of entry easier. I was never assigned in this task yet but I tried helping my friends out during the class enrollment. It’s cool anyway.

f. Saturday Duty – For me, among the entire task, this is the easiest one since I just need to assist culture students who wishes to use the locker. Also, one must have a little familiarity on the events, classes and few schedules in KCC so you’ll easily answer calls and inquiries.

g. Data input – My first data input were guest list of walk-ins during the 2015 events. It’s for the subscription and data base of KCC. Some events that requires data input includes TOPIK registration and enrollment.

h. Class enrollment (checking, data input, ID processing, distribution, class orientation, etc) – Aside from events, KCC offers Korean language and culture classes. Since this is a whole week schedule, the first few days requires a lot of manpower as enrollees are required to go to KCC to finish the enrollment process. I’ve been in charge of the checking for a certain day during the enrollment and it’s a good way to bond with other volunteers too.

UP International Fair Booth 

i. Booth – There are times that KCC is invited to join international cultural fairs so it requires setting up of booths. I experienced partaking in a fair as a blogger but I tried to help out in the booth too. Usually, volunteers inform attendees about KCC events and classes. Raffles for KCC items are up for grab too so there should be someone to facilitate.

The Krew on Duty for Pinoy Kpop Star and Happy Hallyu Day!

After the really looooooooong day for Global Taste of Korea!

The few faces behind the Korean Film Festival 


The krew team has supporters’ blog to promote Korean culture to online readers. If you have ideas, tips or stories related to K-culture, you may share it to Korean enthusiasts like you in the KCC blog. Also, you may cover events and share it with a bigger audience! Trust me, it’s really fun!

We interviewed Lim Jiseok for my second blog~

Got the chance to be the photographer of KCC for the MonstaX in Manila Fanmeeting Presscon!

Here's the link of my blogs for the whole year!


If you are into film making, video editing, lay-out or design, this is the best category for you. The role of the media team is to promote KCC events and classes through visuals. You may propose your own event too! Currently, we are working on our team project under the media team and this made our team closer since we have to work hand in hand.


Interview with a few KCC guests! Guess who they are. :)


The Kribbon Promotional Event (cause i'm obviously fangirling over Serotonin and Teacher Minji!)

Masinloc cultural festival event for POSCO

The team for the K-ribbon selection! :)


Other event photos this 2016 :)

The krew with Director Oh during the exhibit opening~

The Krew orientation!

UP nolja event

KCC’s supporters are awesome people. I get to know most of them already and they’re all nice. The KCC staff and the whole team are really nice and accommodating too. We’ll be happy to welcome the next The Krew batch! If you wish to experience the splendid days we had, don’t miss this chance to apply for the next one.