Manila Ocean Park, one of the must see attractions in Manila

Manila Ocean Park is one of the main attractions in Metro Manila, the first oceanarium and visiting it means having the chance to see live sea creatures and being one with them for quite a moment. Given the chance to visit this place, what would be the things that you can experience here?

Ella's experience

We had a buffet brunch as a part of the inclusions of the package we bought and we claimed it before roaming around the vicinity of the park. I didn't really bother myself taking photos because we had it at the Liquid Pool Lounge and the place is quite dark and not really good for taking photos.

Ambiance wise, the place feels like you are eating in an open cage surrounded by pools. The food was okay but I don't think it's worth it for the price. There are plenty of restaurants available inside Manila Ocean Park so I suggest that you just eat there.

Upon entry to the attractions, we decided to check the fishes first. Attractions in Manila Ocean Park differs in price and packages so make sure that you purchase the right package before proceeding with your payments. Our first attraction took us around an hour to roam around because it's hard to take pictures. (Kids are everywhere!) and visiting oceanarium means more time for me to check all the fishes!

The famous aquarium tunnel inspired by the ocean park in Singapore is one of the highlights of the Manila Ocean Park. Since it's one of their main features, it's pretty hard to take proper photos as there are plenty of people trying to find a good spot. I also thought that the area has a long aquarium but it seems like photos online literally fooled me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed roaming around and bumping other people taking photos along the way (kidding!)

My friend also enjoyed taking pictures. Almost everything here is insta-worthy but you just need to be very patient because there are plenty of people inside and you must be quick not to disturb others who would like to take pictures as well. One of my favorite parts is actually this area wherein there are corals and small fishes in this dark alley.

The starfishes and corals are some of the creatures that attracted me the most because when I was in High School, these are some of the most interesting lessons I had in my Earth Science subject and we enjoyed talking about how colorful and useful these creatures are to our oceans. Even though it's not my first time to see these, it took me quite a while to take photos and videos because I was enjoying it a lot!

How about seeing true to life penguins! My friend and I were both undecided if we should do the penguin feeding because it is quite pricey (500 for a single photo lol!) but we ended up deciding to buy penguin stuffed toys because I am a penguin fan and I've tried penguin feeding before when Harrison Plaza in Manila used to cater a penguin show years ago. It's nice that Manila Ocean Park could actually house these amazing penguins because it's hard to give them a proper habitat that would seem like their natural home.

In their Christmas village, we had the chance to take funny and fun photos along the way! I love how they maximized the space and even allowed a small area for man-made snow so that kids would enjoy playing while their parents enjoy taking lots of photos! I intentionally not included a lot of photos so that you can look forward to seeing more when you visit.

This is the outside ocean view of the park and it is also where you can have your meal after going around Manila Ocean Park. As for this area, it is open to all guests even when you do not enter the ocean park attractions. The Manila Ocean Park is also home to the famous Makan Makan Asian Food Village and Hotel H20.

Another major feature of the Manila Ocean Park are these changing colors of jellyfishes and different type of jellyfish that's available all over the Philippines. Though it may seem hard to take photos, we enjoyed how the music and the jellyfishes graciously swayed together and produced a really cool colorful performance.

Included in our package is a tour in the Yexel's Toy Museum inside the Manila Ocean Park. It is smaller than their original branch in Las Pinas but it will still take about 30mins to an hour of roaming around because you'll be happy taking lots of photos. Aside from that, the main attraction inside are the trick-eye style area, like the one I enjoyed in Jeju (Read here: Jeju Trick Eye Museum) and the star wars theme area where people line up to take photos!

Update: This attraction is already closed.

In addition to the attractions that are included in our ticket, we had the chance to check the attraction wherein plenty of birds and eagles are freely flying in front of us. Since we visited around afternoon time, we were only two of us inside the whole place!

The one that really caught my attention is this stingray exhibition and even the guests are allowed to touch them!  There would be a short exhibition and they'll announce it if the show will soon to start so it's suggested that you know all the schedules of the show first before proceeding to the venue to save time. Opposite this area, there was an ongoing bird show as well but our ticket doesn't have access to it so we could only watch it from afar.

I have this highly suggested activity that's available in Manila Ocean Park more popularly known as the fish spa. At first, I was thinking about the hygenic side of the attraction since a lot of people literally dips their feet on the pool at the same time but when I asked the staff, she told me that these fishes are always eating the dead skin so there's nothing to worry. They also do cleaning and maintenance everyday to maintain its cleanliness.

Look how my friend got really tickled and afraid of the fishes at the same time! If you haven't experience fish spa before, you might find yourself and a few more people shouting in a high pitch all of a sudden because they get tickled easily.

Here's our cute penguins that we bought at 250 pesos each! I also bought a keychain because everyone knows I'm a keychain fan! The Manila Ocean Park has numerous shops that sell souvenirs from the park!

**We bought our tickets via Metrodeal at 1,400 pesos each but you can also book your tickets on Klook or their own website, Manila Ocean Park.

Manila Ocean Park Roxas Blvd. (behind Quirino Grand Stand), Ermita, Manila