10 Most Popular Korean Food in the Philippines

Your food bucket list is not yet complete unless you have tasted any Korean food in town. Nowadays, it is possible to see any Korean restaurant or food stall downtown. Malls also offer budget-friendly treats to satisfy your cravings for ‘Hansik.’ Even fast food chains formulated dishes that incorporate Korean flavors to its signature dishes.

Like other Asian dishes, Korean food aims to help maintain the health of the person. Through time, the kimchi preparation technique is passed on from one generation to another. If you aren’t familiar with Korean food yet, I listed 10 of the most popular Korean food that’s easily available in the Philippines.


 Known as the traditional Korean side dish, Kimchi is considered as one of the world’s healthiest food. It is characterized by its spicy and distinct taste. However, the taste differs due to the fermentation process, ingredients and weather. Kimchi can go along with different Asian and western main dishes. Thus, it makes Korean food more popular in the row of international cuisine nowadays. So there’s no excuse not to find the perfect Kimchi for your meal. In the Philippines, Korean restaurants provide Kimchi as a complimentary side dish for a main dish. Also, bottled and packed Kimchi is available in supermarkets.


A traditional food consisting of a variety of vegetables and meat colorfully arranged on top of steamed rice and seasoned with gochujang. In the Philippines, this is one of the most popular Korean food that even non-korean culture enthusiasts have already tried. You may try it in a Korean restaurant or you may also find stalls in mall food courts that sell bibimbap.

Samgyeopsal will never let you go wrong. Koreans, like us Filipinos, love great food and of course meat is one of it. The taste will depend on the sauce, the better sauce mixture, the better it will taste. Samgyeopsal is a thin-cut slice of meat that is grilled and enjoyed by group of friends or family members. It is served with lettuce and side dish as Koreans traditionally wraps the meat; this manner is called ‘ssam.’


Kimbap are various vegetables, rice, and meat rolled in laver. You may choose different ingredients to add and customize your meal. It may contain cheese, chicken, tuna, beef or pork. An easy going meal that is considered one of Korea’s most consumed meals.

One of the most popular Korean desserts is bingsu. This brings a nostalgic feel to Koreans because it is a big part of their childhood. This dessert is made up of shaved ice with various toppings. The most traditional bingsu are those topped with beans and milk. Currently, they are widening the choices for the masses with vast variety of fresh ingredients for toppings. These treats are easily accessible now in the metro as bingsu shops starts to pop-up. Even local milk tea shops started to add this Korean treat.


Tteokbokki is a pinch of sweetness and a kick of Korean spicy paste. These savory and chewy cylindrical rice cakes are easy to eat. It comes with fish cakes like bibimbap, it’s popular in the Philippines and you can find it in Korean food stalls in the shopping centers.

Fried Chicken

‘Chimaek’ is a popular food combination in Korea. It is fried chicken served with “Maekju” or beer as a beverage. This food combination strongly heightened fried chicken craze to a new level as fried chicken shops popped out in Korea. The popular ones are the shops that offer double-fried chicken, wherein they use the method of frying the chicken twice in different temperatures to get the perfect crunch their consumers love They also come in lots of flavors. Chimaek also started to boom in the Philippines as Filipinos, who are known to be food lovers, love chicken and started to enjoy Korean flavors it gives. You will not also have a hard time looking for these kinds of shops as there are a lot of Korean chicken shops in the malls nowadays!


Our traditional pancit with a twist is like Japchae. It is made of glass noodles with meat, mushroom, egg and vegetables. This healthy dish can be a good snack or side dish. Some Korean restaurant and fast food in the Philippines offer Japchae as a side dish or can be sold as ala carte.


Meat marinated in sweet soy sauce and sesame, the savory taste of this dish would make you crave for more. Bulgogi is often served with Kimchi, rice and other side dishes available in a traditional Korean resto.


Who doesn’t love to eat instant noodles? Known as the most consumed food for the easy going Koreans, ramyeon comes in so many flavors; from seafood, chicken, pork and black beans, name it, they have it. Now in the Philippines, selections of Korean brand ramyeon are available in supermarkets’ imported goods section. You may visit your favorite marts and try different brands of ramyeon!



Do you know the importance of 11/11? It’s the pepero day! This snack is so popular that lots of people worldwide celebrate November 11 through exchanging of pepero. pepero is a crunchy stick coated with different flavors like chocolate, almond chocolate, and strawberry. It is very much like our local pretzels. Often, kids take it for snacks. However, it is now enjoyed by many, no matter what your age is. You may find pepero in convenience stores, supermarkets and Korean marts in the Philippines.

From our top ten, how many have you tried?


  1. All of the food mentioned above are my top Korean foods! But my favorites are Japchae and Bibimbap.

    Waiting for your different peppero review ㅎㅎㅎ😋❤️

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