Jeju : Camellia Hill on a winter (카멜리아힐)

If you are visiting Jeju Island not matter what season that is, you should not miss Camellia Hill (카멜리아힐).

With a span of 172,000 square meters, this arboretum will surely tire your feet, which I also felt when we visited the place. On the other hand, the place is worth it as every area is breathtaking and it's a sure thing that your Instagram feed will be filled with great photos!


You can’t really find any accomodation nearby the area but transportation wise, it’s super accessible for tourists. They also got a huge parking lot!

Ella’s Experience

Huge Haerubang will welcome you at the entrance.

There are coffee shops in the entrance and even inside the arboretum. One of the coffee shops inside is too picture perfect that it doesn’t even look like a coffee shop at all but a garden that’s surrounded with pretty flowers! It’s a glass house.We tried to roam around the place without using the map and ended up needing one on our way out! Haha

There are lots of couples taking that insta-worthy ‘couple’ photos. Sure enough that at some point, you’ll surely gonna tell yourself — “I am in jeju afterall.”

Souvenirs are sold in coffee shops, you can easily spot one.

What to expect:

Depending on the weather you are coming, the flowers that bloom actually differs. They’ll give you a map of the place ’cause it’s pretty big!! (No joke). In one of the coffee shops inside the arboretum, you can send a postcard through snail mail and I super find it amazing. There are lots of good spots to take photos but make sure that you are pretty fast with your photography skills since there are lots of tourists roaming around!