Jeju : Da Hae Jeong

If you are looking for a traditional Korean lunch or dinner and you are in Jeju Island, this seafood island of South Korea has gems in it and one of them is this restaurant. They serve dishes you traditionally see in Jeju homes.

Ella’s experience

The area is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of guests all at the same time. You’ll gonna love the number of side dishes they serve! Also, they serve quite a lot of side dish varities and has a lot of choices on their menu! I also wish I know how to make steamed egg with the same style they have.

This is a traditional Korean set-up for food. However, what made this so special for me is that one particular side dish that I keep dreaming of. If someone asks me what’s the most memorable Korean food I have tried, it will be Ojingeochae Muchim. It’s squid strips fermented in spicy kimchi like flavor. It has that sweet kick from the fresh seafood and a spicy kick from the sauce. I am not even interested with the other dishes and main dishes itself because of it.

This is their local style of bossam, pork particularly the belly part boiled into spices. It goes well with samjang, the dipping sauce for samgyupsal! It’s actually a healthier version of samgyupsal and still it’s perfect for your lettuce wrap.

I am not particular yet with what type of fish this is but it’s like the Korean version of Ph’s ‘daing’ even though it’s not on the salty side. I didn’t try this one though, I am really hooked up with Ojingeochae Muchim.