Jeju : Joanne Teddy Bear Museum

It’s always my dream to visit a bear museum — yes, that’s after watching the very first Kdrama that made me fell deeper for Korean culture. It’s mischievous kiss! It’s actually this drama that made me wish to visit jeju Island when I was little. Guess what, it all happened 4 years later! ♥ Here’s why you must visit a bear museum like Joanne Teddy Bear museum.


The area could accomodate 500 people at the same time since it is divided into three halls and each hall is actually pretty huge. You will enjoy each hall like we did, I promise!

Admission Fees 
Adults (ages 19 or more) 5,000 won
Teenagers (ages 13-18) 4,000 won
Children (ages 4-12) 3,000 won
* Infants (ages 3 or younger) free admission

There are lots of bears — ♥ They are actually made of all-natural materials since the shop/museum promotes environmentalism and nature. You can also buy one to bring with you home.

Ella’s Experience

- Make sure you have enough free space on your phone. Every corner is photo worthy.
- If you are coming in groups, try to spot the first best ones where you wanna take your photos or you’ll end up lining for your turn in taking photos. Also, be considerate to other visitors.
- The gift shop at the end of the tour would overwhelm you with lots of choices. In fact, all areas include souvenir shops so I suggest you check all of them first before buying one. The bears wearing hanbok is more expensive than the rest of the other bears since it’s traditional. I just bought a small keychain as I don’t want to bring huge items.

What to expect:

- You might get lost when entering the venue HAHAHA. Follow the trail or tour guide. The museum has three buildings so make sure you start on the right place.
- Always wear the baller that the museum will give you.
- There are instances that the souvenir shops give discounts. Watch out for it!
- There’s a photo spot at the rooftop of Hall 2 (I guess) so give it a try!
- The museum indicates if an area is a shooting spot so look for it if you are a fan of Kdrama.

This one is taken at the rooftop!

Here’s one of the shooting spots!