Jeju : Nanta Performance

Jeju Nanta is a non-verbal performance which originated in South Korea. 

The good or probably the best thing about watching a Nanta when you are a foreigner is that you no longer need to bother yourself with translations. 

Ella’s experience:

Watching this show reminded me of other non-verbal performances I saw before like the Fireman but I find Cooking Nanta more interesting since the materials the actors use for the show are actual cooking equipment and they even cook on the stage! We are not allowed to take photos nor recordings during the show so don’t expect any photo of the performance.

It’s really messy when the show ended! HAHA. They used to cut vegetables into small pieces while dancing in the beat of the chops. They also spilled lots of water on stage when they used the drums and there’s water on top of it.

The non-stop performance is around an hour and there were times that they interact with the audience asking them to sing along, shout or even get someone from the audience to join them on stage.

The auditorium was really cold since it was winter when we came. Before the show, the promotions for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics were played a few times and I was just excited about it too!

I think one of the reasons why I felt at home in Jeju is that I studied a little bit of Korean before and among our lesson is the ‘locations’ wherein we studied interesting stuffs like ‘Mt. Halla is located in Jeju Island’ and the ‘seat locations’ too! When I received the ticket for the seat number, I suddenly missed my Korean teacher!

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