Jeju : Seongsan Sunrise Peak (성산일출봉)

The Seongsan Ilchulbong 성산일출봉 or Seongsan Sunrise Peak is crown-like structure and is one of the major tourist spots in Jeju Island. 

What I love the most in this Unesco World Heritage site isn’t actually climbing the top itself. You know that I’m too lazy to do that or it’s just that it is too cold to climb and my outfit is only good for a five to ten minutes walk.

Ella’s experience

What I love the most here are the shops nearby the parking lot! This is also where I tried my first Korea Starbucks experience. There’s a traditional market facing the crater and a lot of popular cafes, restaurants and cosmetic shops nearby.

“Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. Located on the eastern end of Jejudo Island, there is a huge crater at the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. The crater is about 600m in diameter and 90m high. With the 99 sharp rocks surrounding the crater, it looks like a gigantic crown.” – Korean Tourism Organization

I don’t really recommend hiking on this place during winter because Filipinos aren’t that much particular yet with the extreme winds and cold but if you are adventurous enough, then you must give it a try! Anyway, being on top of this landmark won’t take long and you’ll be rewarded with the view of the beach!

Add ons: If you are coming for winter, there are Hallabong (Tangerine) juices that are sold in cute Haerubang bottles so give it a try!

Note: During new year, the place is totally jam packed as everyone wishes to see the first sunrise in the East and this is the best place to do that! I might not have the chance to experience the first sunrise but I saw the first sunset here and i’m really happy about it!

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