Jeju: Trick Eye and Ice Museum (Sumokwon Theme Park 수목원 테마파크)

Trick Eye Museum, VR Play Box, Ice Museum all in one place? Visit the Sumokwon Theme Park 수목원 테마파크!

All in one place for your pleasure and play time? Visit Sumokwon Theme Park! You can spend your whole day having fun without noticing how many hours you’ve enjoyed inside!

Ella’s experience

As expected, I got that touristy shot in front of the building! I am currently wearing a sleeveless dress and just a coat with the 3-degree weather. Guess what? I’m too strong for it!

Since we were on a team tour, we decided to separate with the whole gang so instead of following everyone at the ice museum, we went first to trick eye. It wasn’t a bad idea at all since there would be lots of people falling in line just for a certain area and I find it a hassle.

This is actually one of my favorite shots since this mirror shot really looks like you are in a stage and people are taking your photos. How about me being the president of South Korea?

I get to trick my friends using these photos! And most of them believed it was the real thing! Most especially those who can’t really read Korean! They thought I was showed on the news. HAHAHA. I love the ideas of the trick eye museum! It’s too different from that of my previous trick art experiences.

How many seconds did it took you to find me?

Tickets for this area actually differ with inclusion and price range. We had the ticket for Trick Eye and Ice Museum only so we skipped the VR area. There are ice figurines around the place so it will take about 30 mins to just take photos with them! I was literally ‘Chillin’ that I can no longer feel my hands at that time! For this area, I noticed that the sculpted designs changes yearly (as I skimmed through previous photos of other visitors before) so we might expect a little different one once you visit.

Look! There’s even a slide! ♥ I wish I could try but I felt really cold already! Even the kids enjoyed the slide. How could they do that when the tita in me needs some ointment already. HAHA.

Lastly, just in front of the place is a small shop selling noodles, odeng, tteokbokki, coffee and banana milk. Just as people expect me to buy, I had banana milk and odeng!!! My friend and I even encouraged some of our tourist bus mates to try the banana milk and it’s the real deal. They loved it!

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