Kookay's Foodhouse is taking everyone to a colorful treat!

Bringing back our childhood memories? Well, this coolest restaurant in Tagaytay can do it for you! Kookay's Foodhouse is home to cute onesies, it would suddenly help you rush back all the happy memories of your favorite cartoon characters  ranging from Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and even Stitch! Aside from that, the food is equally as colorful as the place. 

Ella's Experience:


Just like other cute cafes, it requires you to remove your shoes before entering to keep the area clean. It would be best if you wear socks too.  Once you enter, you'll be welcomed by the unicorns (little pony) on the table and it would be really hard for you to decide on which table you'll gonna stay as they have their own charms! 

Even their signage is too artsy! At the same time, I love their tagline -- "Leave a little sparkle wherever you go."

While waiting for your food to be served, you can put your message on their cute message board! I noticed that most of their visitors are group of friends and I must agree that it's a really good place to hang out and bond. They have their sticky notes, pens and pins ready so don't forget to share your fun experience with them!

My friends asked me what exactly am I taking a photo but these cute hanging little cups extremely adds accent on the wall that I can't just skip this chance to take a photo of it. I also think it would serve as a great background for a photo! 

Taking you on the other side of the foodhouse is this pool full of candy like ball pit with a huge pikachu and unicorns! What else are you waiting for? Dig in! If you wish to play here for a long time, they charge some amount per hour but if you'll gonna take photos only, it's free!

The ballpit is actually bigger than how it looks in my photo, it could fit about three to five adults at the same time. Can you spot pikachu in my photo? Guess how big it is!

You can even flatlay yourself on the ball pit! I've been to three different ball pits before but this one is the cutest, you can even spot a few pieces of stress balls inside!


Guess which among the onesies I am wearing! Well, you might guess it right! It's Stitch!!! The rent for the onesies only cost P100 if you are ordering drinks only, and P50 if you are ordering food. There are also packages that gives free rentals for the cute costumes!

Here are some of the choices! There were about 20 plus choices so it's impossible that you'll not like any of them! My friend and I decided to wear the same costume because we're awesome like that.


When I first checked on the menu, I though the price is too overwhelming for a barkada cheat day but when the food is served, I know that it's more than enough for the price. Aside from the feast for the eyes, it's also a feast for the tummy! As well, it's too instagrammable that you'll gonna keep taking pictures first before eating!

For a better look on their menu: here's Kookay's Foodhouse Info

Ella's Recommendation: 

If you are ordering quite a lot, the serving time might take a little while so you may use their game boards! They also have jengga as well. 

Combo 3
If you are a group of about six or your team is just a big eater, go for the barkada sets and you won't regret it. I love how their fried chicken is done. I could say that someone, it tastes as good as the fried chickens in Korean restaurants that I tried. This is the exact meal for the group of six except for the drinks. For this set, 6 milkshakes are already included!

Here's a little bigger version of the food we tried! It's impossible that you'll not have a gastronomic feast during your stay. As for my team, we kept on sharing stories while we munch on each dish on our table.

Funnel Cake (it's my first time to try it!)

Chicken Wings

Waffle and Fries

Tuna Pesto

#LoveWins (A shaved ice type of dessert complementing the other dishes!)

If you are coming to Tagaytay over the weekend, this place is a must see! Oh! Just to add a little more, if you are a fan of Matcha, I highly recommend their green tea milkshake, I swear you'll gonna love it. It's a sure thing that you'll not gonna enjoy the ambiance and the food of this place! Make sure to give it a try and share with me your experiences!