Korean Sool Exhibit; Hangwa workshop

What comes best with an alcoholic beverage like soju or Makgeolli?Anju, a term I first learned in a Korean Show, is not just limited to main dishes and side dishes consumed together with alcohol. It can also be traditional sweet snacks like Hangwa (한과). Hangwa literally mean ‘han’ for Hankuk (Korea) and ‘gwa’ for gwaja (snacks.)

In line with the new exhibit of KCC “Korean Sool”, a take on how to make Hangwawas conducted during the opening day. To give us an idea, here are the highlights of the workshop and the step by step procedure:

*Note: Jisung Chun, a Korea Traditional Liquor Sommelier, demonstrated the preparation of Hangwa before the attendees created their own version.

One to two tablespoons of honey 
Pop rice, 100 grams (You may reduce this one according to your desired amount) 
dragon seed (optional) 
colored flavoring (optional) 
nuts or dried fruits (optional) 

1. Prepare all your materials.

2. Heat your pan and add honey enough to bind the pop rice and other ingredients. *If you will add flavorings, put it first before adding the pop rice.

3. Add the pop rice and mix until the ingredients sticks well.

4. Make sure to mold it on the shape you desire before it totally cools down!

5. Enjoy your finish product!

**Hangwa is not limited to this recipe alone. It’s a variety of Korean snacks ranging from traditionally made candies and biscuits. This type of hangwa, the one made with pop rice is just popularly used as snack alongside with Korean sool. Pretty easy? You can try this at home!

Written by Mikay Javier

via KCCSupportersBlog