Rizal : Lily Farm House - slow days in the county and why Jala Jala is a must see

Millennials, nowadays couldn’t even bring down their phones for an hour! This time, I turned the tables down and rocked on the road towards the hay! Here's my Lily Farm House Experience.

Party nights, wines, liquors, and a strong internet connection, it’s the usual scene in the metro and that’s what makes our world go round. Are you willing to give up all of them for a family and barkada night? Well, I did and it was a decision I’ll brag out as you read through.

Ella’s experience
Rizal, a not so far yet not so near province in Metro Manila is home to festivals, food and art but I am not going to introduce you that ’cause it’s too mainstream! Here’s a nature friendly farm facing Laguna de Bay and overlooking Mt. Banahaw. What’s the best part is that I became a master of this farm for a day!

Lily Vacation Farm House is an exclusive farm stay getaway perfect for groups with 25 or less members. It is located in Jala Jala, Rizal. As our team headed down to the house, you’ll be astonished with great views of farm and simple local houses you don’t usually see downtown. A city girl like me never fails to be amazed with greens! The rent for the farm house gives the guests an EXCLUSIVE- FULL ACCESS to all of the farm house’s facilities. Thus, really making me a master of the place! So lit.

Here are some of my experiences that might happen to you:

1. Be a Tita

Since the sala would give you a nostalgic feel of your hometown surrounded by toys and magazines, there’s a big chance that you’ll be a tita for a day. Most especially when you have that ‘tita-ish’ coffee on the table. If you are coming with your family members, you might end up baby sitting your pamangkins! As for me, I was the one babysitted by my friends so the photo you see above is not so me!

2. The adventure lady

If you are coming with your friends, there’s a big chance that you’ll keep roaming around to take photos. There are lots of instagram worthy spots in the area so check mine and my team’s pegs for your insta-inspirations. Just simply check #GalagalasaJalaJala and #BloggersFamPH on instagram. For outside activities, the farm has ATV, swings, horseback riding, farm animals, basketball court, hydro color pool that’s 4ft deep and a huge grassy field perfect for soccer. It’s an all-in-one place for total recreation! As for me, I love the pool so with no second thoughts, I directed towards it!

3. Glamping, Bonfire and Movie Night

What makes this place so special is that they provide huge tents and airbeds for glamping (coined from the words ‘Glamorous and camping’). If you are adventurous enough to sleep outside and talk about life, then it’s the place to be! They also have bonfire where you can melt your marshmallows! Movie might is so special because they’ll set up a huge projector near the bonfire making your experience very ‘sulit.’

4. Find your oppa! (Kiddin’)

Oppa doesn’t always mean boyfriend. Filipinos mistakenly marked ‘oppa’ when in fact it means older brother! I found a new family when I bonded with my online friends and met them for the first time. Who knows? Bonding could also start a good friendship! (Chos!)

5. ‘Woke up like this’ look. Be like a madame!

Even though I didn’t really woke up that way, I still felt refresh after the whole night of bonding with the fam! I just love how spacious the rooms are! By the way, the place got three huge rooms with queen size and single beds each, all comes with pullouts for additional beddings. Each room has flat screen televisions too! There are two comfort rooms inside the house, one is a walk in bathroom connecting two rooms.

6. Try Kambingganisa for breakfast and the festive boodle fight

We had boodle fight for dinner! The grilled pork and fish is just too perfect for vibes of the place, adding the sweetness of the fresh shrimp and Tinolang Manok. Oh! their tinolang manok has shredded coconuts and it’s my first time to try it!

Kambing or goat meat is one of the major farm animals in this municipality. Thus, it is also a great source of meat. Kambingganisa is locally produced goat meat which they turned into longganisa, one of Filipinos favorite breakfast dish partnered with garlic fried rice. It is best partnered with the signature breakfast dishes, egg, tocino and tapa!

If you are coming to this place, they will provide all the kitchen wares you’ll be needing– even a refrigerator for your cold cuts. Just make sure you have enough supplies for your 22hr stay! It’s difficult to run out of stocks for midnight snacks! You may also ask some assistance from their local staffs, you just need to give them a minimal fee depending on your request.

If you are more adventurous, there’s something that you must try! It’s called Abnoy! For you to find out what it is, you better come to the farm and ask a staff to buy one for you!

7. House Rules are plain simple rules You just gotta follow!

If you OPEN it, CLOSE it. 
If you TURN it ON, TURN it OFF
If you USE it, TAKE CARE of it. 
If you MAKE a MESS, CLEAN it up. 
If you MOVE it, PUT it BACK. 
If you BREAK it, ADMIT it. 
If you DON’T KNOW how to operate it, ASK someone who does.

House rules must be followed and practiced at all times to preserve the house. It’s just basic anyway so no worries.

8. Have fun!

It’s the most important thing to do when you are out for a vacation. Chill out and talk about random stuffs. Seize the moment and make sure to enjoy each other’s company. Avoid your phones as much as possible.

Interested on trying the experiences that I had?

VISIT THEIR WEBSITE: Lily Vacation Farm House
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LilyVacationFarmHouse/
EMAIL: lily.vacationhouse@gmail.com
OR CONTACT: SMART – 0939 921 0165