Marinduque : Boac’s Kusina sa Plaza should not be missed

Catering all your tummy needs, kusina sa plaza is boac’s most popular restaurant to tourists! Well i can’t blame them, even during our stay, we’ve been eating here every day. Here’s why.

It’s subdivided into three restaurants
Ground Floor – Kusina sa Plaza’s main restaurant where you can buy rice meals, pasta and a few desserts like leche Flan, halo-halo and fruit salad. Their dishes are priced between 40-100 pesos and it’s almost good for two people! (Expect to spend around 100-300 pesos for two pax, drinks included)

Street corner – If your walking tour is pretty tiring, you can chill out with your friends in their little café where you can order different sizes of pizza, shakes, cola or even frappe! We tried their pizza and it was so good! (Expect to spend around 200-400 pesos for 2 pax, drinks included)

2nd floor – Casa De Don Emilio, If you feel like drinking alcohol on a hot summer night or just want to be a local for a day and relive the historical ambiance of an old Spanish house, then this is the perfect place to be! (Expect to spend around 200-500 pesos for 2 pax, drinks included)
Superb Halo-halo

If you are a fan of ‘ube,’ there’s no way you would like to skip a serving of halo-halo! Their serving would totally make your dessert go purple! Their serving is pretty larger than other restaurants and there are more ingredients than ice! Just make sure to order ahead because there are days that it gets out of stock! We’ve experienced such a dilemma on a hot sunny day. Also, it might take them some time to serve your dessert because during lunch or dinner, the staffs got lots of hungry mouths to feed.

Their take on Kare-kare

It’s not a mistake if they serve you a black-sauced dish when you order Kare-kare. This dish is one of Kusina sa plaza’s most popular on their menu! I believe it’s a fusion dish between bopis and dinuguan and these two are both my favorite that’s why we’ve been eating this one and even transported a pack back in Manila! I tell you, it’s a must try!

Brought back in time

An overlooking view of Boac’s national museum and a few old structures just while eating your lunch or dinner. Somehow it’s a balance of slow and fast-phased world since the ambiance is old but there are also cars passing by the street. Events also take place just in front of you because Boac’s main court is just a few meters away.

If you are travelling to Marinduque, don’t forget to drop by Kusina sa Plaza and embrace the dining experience I am talking about.