Marinduque: door to door service vs. regular transportation

I’ll be talking about my experience in a door to door service both discussing the convenience and hassle it caused me. Somehow, I’ll compare it with my usual public transportation experience. I’ll leave you hanging first just so you can see it for yourself if you’ll be trying it out next time!

Door to Door Service

A flat rate of 800 pesos from any point of Metro Manila to Marinduque (Ferry ride included)
They may add charges if you have too much luggage with you.

- The driver itself would carry and fix your luggage.
- You will be notified a few minutes before the arrival of the service van so you can prepare your things ahead.
- Stopover on a less crowded place and a usual headcount before the service leaves.
- Door to door service giving you a guarantee that you’ll be delivered right at your doorstep.
- There’s a big chance that you can ride the RORO (ferry ride) during peak season because the drivers got direct contacts on the port
- You will never experience the hassle of lining up at the port just to secure a ticket
- If there’s no available seat at the ferry, you can always stay inside the van so there’s an assurance that you’ll be seated for the three-hour ferry ride

- Based on my experience, they moved our scheduled service twice causing changes in our itinerary.
- Jam-packed seats during peak season. (I believe this isn’t a thing with the door to door service but I hope they would learn to limit their passengers’ luggage just to avoid discomfort on other passengers.
 - We even carried our luggage at some point. I believe this is also the cause of why they moved our scheduled service because we can’t any more fit in the van.)
- Road trip – If you are not a fan of long travels, then I highly suggest you don’t take the door to door service. If you live the farthest, it will take you an additional two to three hours of travel because the service needs to drop off every passenger in their destinations.

Regular transportation

The route to Marinduque requires (Bus from Metro Manila to Lucena (Dalahican Port) > Ferry ride to Balanacan Port > Jeep to other points of Marinduque) Approx. 600 pesos
Differ on the bus line and origin (from Buendia / Cubao)
They may add charges if you have too much luggage with you.

- Cheaper rates
- More scheduled bus departures and arrivals
- Seats are more convenient than van
- The aircon can be moved conveniently

- Long lines for ticketing during peak season (unless reserved)
- Requires a lot of transfer when traveling (as mentioned above)
- You might experience overnight at the port while waiting for the RORO and there’s no guarantee that you can ride on the next ferry.
- Hassle on traveling and transferring of luggage

Ella’s Recommendations

 If you are planning a trip on a holiday, a festival or any peak season like the Moriones festival. Then, I highly suggest that you take the door to door service. You might be jam-packed onboard but it’s definitely stress-free when you reach the port.

Also, if on your next trip, you’ll be going out with a child, pregnant women, or PWD, door to door service is a good choice.

However, if it’s an off-peak season, taking the normal transportation wouldn’t be a hassle, The only delay that might cause you might be the ferry since there aren't many passengers so there would be a long waiting game ahead of you.