Party Nights Just Got Wilder; What You Missed At Seungri’s Gig In Cove Manila

It’s not the first time of Bigbang’s maknae Seungri in the Philippines, not even his time first clubbing in Manila. Yet, all his visits and events in Manila including the recent one last June 2 in Cove Manila are unforgettable on its own unique ways. Here’s what you missed during that night’s happenings:

DJ Glory and TPA hyped up the night

Before Seungri takes over the deck, Natural High Records’ Glory and TPA ruled the stage. Their presence alone already set the vibe of the audience and naturally increasing the head banging stints by turning up the volume of their mashed up latest English songs on cue. Also raising up the Philippine flag means they are ready to party with us in the Philippines!

VIPS reunited

Expecting a large crowd, it’s not just Filipinos that partied that night. It’s a mixed up of races attending only with the main goal of partying with Seungri for that night! Some got light sticks and panda stuffed toys with them too! Some even have their banners with them! Are you one of them that night?
Seungri’s version of Eyes, Nose, Lips

Taeyang, also a member of Big Bang has one of the most memorable solo songs, Eyes Lips, Nose which made it to Seungri’s set list for the night, well with a little faster version and the crowd is singing along with Seungri from beginning to end! Seungri also requested the audience to turn on the backlights of their phones and raise it up while singing! For a moment, you’ll gonna feel the same feels you had during their first concert in Manila! Surely, you are one of the #TitasofKpop if you felt the same way.

The iconic ‘ Fantastic Baby’

‘Wow! Fantastic Baby!’ Currently with 352 million views on Youtube, let’s not forget the most iconic and one of Bigbang’s chart topping song Fantastic Baby. Even a non-kpop fan knows that song that it has been overly used a few years back for parties! Despite that, when an original member sings it, it deserves the highest respect! Rocking the night with head bangs and even some fans dancing together with the same exact steps for the song! What’s up with the concert vibe? It surely is fantastic baby! Aside from that, other songs including Bad Boy, Bang Bang Bang and Ikon’s love scenario were played.
Seungri wearing a jeepney-printed shirt

Wowing everyone with his appearance wearing a Jeepney printed shirt, Seungri surely loves Manila as he tells the audience ‘Mahal Kita!’ At the same time, he promises to be back once he releases his solo album next month!

We can’t wait for Seungri to be back in Manila but for the meantime, let’s suffer from post ‘concert’ depression together for a while first. What’s your most memorable happenings for this event?

Article By Mikhaela Javier
Photos By Jann Lorence