Laguna: Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan

Having our original plan to only visit any seaside restaurant in Macapagal turned out to a road trip on the way to the Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan Laguna. 

This floating restaurant claimed its road to fame after Instagram worthy spots had been uploaded through social media that results in massive visitors traveling all the way to visit the place. The restaurant is around 2 hours away from Manila via expressway.


My friends (actually my supposedly students) invited me for a lunch out after their graduation. I am so thankful that they invited me for this even though I never had the chance to teach them!

It’s a huge floating restaurant with a feel of ‘Thailand’ so it’s popularized as the ‘Little Thailand’ coined by the locals. To roam around the area, it took us around 2-3 hours already. Accommodation wise, the staffs were really nice and they made us order ahead so while they are preparing, you can simply roam around. These are all cottages for rent depending on the number of guests. They have more than fifty cottages and they said the place is best to see at night!

We roamed around after ordering and had about an hour and a half of sight-seeing since the place is bigger than I expected. Each area got its own special character. The biggest one is this Buddha! I enjoyed taking pictures with the cartoon characters around the place.

You can see huge figures around that would surely give you a feel of Thailand even though at some point, I think some kids would find it creepy to see these huge figures for the first time but eventually they will enjoy it a lot since Isdaan Floating Restaurant also have activities like boat sailing and fishing! They could also provide bikes for the kids! No additional fees at all.

Look! As I am busy taking pictures with popular characters including that of these bunch and my favorite Mickey Mouse. The serving time for food would take long but the time to roam around the place would surely tire you out so make sure to order a lot!!


I love all the dishes except that the serving for the rice is really small. They serve seafood, meat and chicken dishes. They also gave us a free platter of salad which is my first time to try. The staff said it was made of young coconut but it didn’t taste like coconut at all to me.

We tried their best dish which they call ‘Chicken Tinupig,’ from its name, ‘tupig’ which means the chicken is enveloped in Banana leaf. The seafood platter and Nilaga were also must try items on their menu! Overall, the food is okay but there's nothing special.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Don't come here without a thousand or two in your pocket. The restaurant is more expensive than you think it is. Our bill reached about 6,000 pesos and I personally think that it's not that worth it for the food we had.
2. Patience is the key, it takes a lot of time before your order will get into your table so it's a must that you have a lot of patience with you.
3. Literally, we came here for the place and the place satisfied me but the food didn't make it to my expectations.


National Highway, Bay, Calauan, Laguna

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