The Online squad

With the fast-phased life of the 21st century’s babies, there’s no wonder that we make friends online. I wish to share my story so others won’t find making friends online a bad thing but take note that before doing that you must first make sure that the people you want to be surrounded with are trustworthy. Also, this is my way of thanking them for being a part of my life. I’ll tell a few stories.

I’ll start with the most common Hi!’s and hello!’s. Oftentimes, conversations starts with the common greetings followed by introductions then later on; you’ll delve deeper to different topics you both are interested at.

On the other hand, other conversations start with a favor, a question or an opinion. Well, as a person who loves to explore, meeting new people is on my bucket list. Currently, I have met most of my online friends personally; those who lives near Manila. I’ve had adventure together with different people and enjoyed happy times together.

Soon, I hope I could go various provincial and international destinations to meet others. Actually, making friends online is a good way of understanding pop culture and traditions popular in their area; including food, places and ethnic groups. This thought opened new ideas for me to tour Philippines and the world more.

Here are a few of my online friends whom I’ve spend time with personally. :))