The roots I’ve always wanted to say Hi to

Traveling alone leads us to different places but it is also a way for us to reconnect on our roots. Here are my thoughts.

Slow days keep me going

Long bus ride leads me into my core. It’s a chance to get reconnected with my old and new self. Right there and then, I get to ask — ‘Am I on the right track? Are things happening the way I want it to be? Do I get better each day?’ For some time, these are the things I don’t usually think about when days are too fast. During slow days, I try to evaluate myself so that when I get back to my regular routine, I get to improve my weaknesses.

More than that, when rides get really long like ferry or plane, I get to reflect on how the world has been so good to me. I get to think about the mistakes I committed and even provide myself solutions.

One with nature

Not limiting myself with the view along the trip, nature has so much to offer when you step out of your comfort zone. When I was younger, I used to say, “There is always something waiting for me there in the woods and I can’t wait to see them.” Up to now that I am on my second decade, it’s still the same. What is waiting for me outside today? The beaches and mountain ranges, it’s is so priceless that you can’t get your eyes out of it. Let nature surprise us!

Stronger bonds

It might be a short or long chit chats but the fact that I’ve got to reconnect with my family and friends is extremely important. This is also one of the most vital roles of travelling for me. Aside from that, doing activities together means we’ve got to share our knowledge about different things. I have the chance to ask random things or so. The mere fact that I’m catching up already means something and I’m totally happy about it!

Embracing my culture

As a culture junkie, I love the fact that I learn so much about Philippines’ culture; the culture that differs from one island to another. I love how a two to three hour travel would lead me to a place with locals who speak my language with a different diction. 

I love the Philippines so much because of its glorious past and colorful present. Proof is that we’ve been doing different rituals to ask for God’s blessings. More so, we spend hours or even days to produce handmade crafts and costumes! Where else could you find those things?

‘Roots’ means four things for me. It’s the line that connects my heart, soul and brain that I could get to check myself from time to time. Second, it’s my belief that we are a part of God’s creation and we should appreciate the little things we often not see when we are in the city. Third, we’ve got to spend more time with the people we sometimes neglect when the world is in our shoulders when the world is too fast. 

Moreover, we get to check on them as well if they are going great. Lastly, the tangible and intangible roots we greatly overlook, the culture that has been passed on from one generation to another. The culture I’ve always wanted to see including traditional acts, language, food and even the smallest details like architecture. 

Where’s the change brought by traveling? It’s the mindset that taught me to enjoy my roots! All these four elements are brought by traveling alone I’ll sail myself to more experiences in the next few months. Ola!