Torres Farm and Resort takes us on a tour around the world

Ever thought of seeing different landmarks in just a day? I tell you what, there's a farm and resort that would give you a chance to visit them in just a single location! Torres Farm and Resort saved you from paying all your plane tickets by bringing you to Greece, Egypt, Japan and other countries in just P180 pesos for adults and P120 for kids on a day tour!

Ella's experience


From 8AM to 3PM, Torres Farm and Resort would surely give you that 'wow' feels as soon as you enter. The day tour runs during this hour which means you have an all access to their attractions including that of swimming pool! In terms of overnights, i'll give you a list on the last part of this blog. This photo was taken in one of the cabins (actually Japanese inspired house) that you can rent!


Famous for having replicas of worldwide landmarks, let me tour you around with some of my photos.
Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Leaning tower of Piza, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Merlion Statue, Singapore

Temple inspired house, Japan

Eiffel Tower, Paris
Disneyland, Hongkong 

Ionic Columns, Rome

My friend Jelina Miranda suddenly got fans and we had a quick fan meeting! (kiddin!)

**Note: some of the landmarks are actually rooms that you can rent out for you overnight with friends and loves ones. As well, if you are just on a day tour, there are gazebos that will fit around 15-20 people. Some landmarks like the Taj Mahal is currently under construction so check on their Facebook page first before visiting! Torres Farm and Resort

Aside from the attractions, it will still give you a feel of nature as there are farm animals surrounding the place! It's super relaxing to see greens and such cute creatures all over the place!

Other amenities

Since we went to the place to attend Conan's birthday, let me share you some of my takes of him while he's enjoying the first day of his 3rd year!

Swimming pool - They currently have two swimming pools and another one at the Taj Mahal area is under construction. Kids get to enjoy the slide and parents could easily look after them since the pool is just in front of the gazebo. There's also a playground wherein kids from 3-12 years old are allowed to play at! Just make sure that parents are looking after them so they won't get hurt or lost.

Since we visited as a team of around 15 pax, we had a boodle fight which we happily ate at the medium gazebo.

I am doing my photographer duties so let me excuse myself from the photo! Anyways, Happy Birthday to our cutie baby boy Conan and I hope you grow up well and nice!

As for group team building needs, they also have obstacle courses and play area for better  and stronger camaraderie within your teams!

Ella's Recommendations

 1. The place is sure to become a hit soon so if you have at least a thousand peso on your pocket, go get yourself a date as it is enough for two pax already. 

2. If you plan to do shoots, try to come the earliest time possible as it would be really hot in the afternoon, like what we experienced.

3. There are no corkage fees for bringing food so it's highly recommended. There is a food stall but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be enough once you get tired from the day's shoot and swim.

4. Observe proper swimming attire.

5. The outcome of your photos would depend upon your creativity. Some of the landmarks were quite near from one another so try to be creative as much as possible for your photos to come out pretty good. 

How to go there from LRT station:

1. Ride a bus / jeep that would drop you off at Baclaran.
2. In Baclaran, there are buses with the sign 'Naic' and ask the driver to drop you off at the Petron station/ Mcdo where you can ride tricyle going to Torres Farm and Resort.
3. There are two options: you may ride a tricycle or jeep going to the resort. 

**Cost for transportation would roughly cost you more or less 200 pesos. (depends if you ride tricycle or jeep)

You may also reach them through the following numbers:
(Sun) – 0925-463-3206
(Globe) – 0977-841-1643
– 0945- 784-5896


  1. Thank you very much for the lovely post and blogging Conan's Birthda at the Torres Farm. I also appreciated the warm birthday wishes for our cutie boy Conan. See you again soon!

  2. The place looks interesting! Philippines, indeed is a beautiful country.