Unli-steak Keto friendly deals at 599 - Butcher's Daughter Review

Unli meat for your cheat day? Fret not, it's more affordable than you think it is. If you are a fan of everything meat, then Butcher's Daughter in BF Homes will satisfy your cravings for grilled Liempo, Chicken Inasal, T-bone, Pork Chop and their highly recommended home made sausages. 

Aside from that, they will heighten your standards for grilled recipes! Are you feeling the chills right now?

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Aside from the artsy wall decor, the items in this restaurant would give you that 'lit' feel. One of the items that I noticed is this cow shelf which will surely catch your attention once you enter. The most interesting part is that the two glasses in the shelf contains real-life fishes!

All the wallpaper also reminds you of how 'meaty' this grill house would be once you dine! The owner of the restaurant has a Swiss heritage and we all know how good they are when it comes to grilling.


We're here with the most important detail, the price of their items. Butcher's Daughter's used to have a month-long promotion for their soft-opening which contains unlimited meat for lunch deals at P499 and P599 for dinner. However, due to insistent public demand, it's now all set every day of the month both for lunch and dinner time and they added a lot more on to their choices for the 'Eat-All-You-Can Grilled Meat' promo.

They usually have unli-meat promo once in a while! Another good news is that they also accept small gatherings and the place could cater around 40 people. This is perfect for meetings, birthdays or just a little reunion with your friends. You may message their page: Butcher's Daughter for more details on your planned dates and their rates for it!

Aside from the unli-meat deals, you can also try other items on an ala-carte rate. Surprisingly, the rates are actually cheaper than the usual price for a steak or barbecue house. If you are a coffee lover, you can also try their homemade coffee blends for your after lunch drink or imported wines to complement with your steak.

Their wines were all imported and will not surpass the amount of P2,000 per bottle. If you are like me who loves to drink wine with meat on a Friday night, then this place is a sure must try!


How would you know if a meat is grilled on to its perfection? Well, you'd easily know when the grill marks are just perfect! To give you a walk through on their unli-grilled meat deal, here are some of the best selling items on their menu! If you are on a Keto diet, you can simply tell them which among their menus, you'd like to order and they'll deliver it on your table right away!

This one tops my favorite, wanna know why? All these sausages from their Sausage Platter remind me of my vacation in a five-star hotel in Malaysia as it has almost the exact taste and Butcher's Daughter's homemade version of it comes in a bigger portion that I'm really happy and overwhelmed at the same time. The skin texture is a little chewy and the inside is smooth enough to easily swallow. Aside from that, it has that peppery kick every bite!

T-bone steak is beef with "T"-shaped bone with meat on each side. It matches rice, corn or mashed potato. You can also eat it with their homemade salads, vegetables or fresh fruit cuts. Since I have random taste buds for food, I tried it with toyomansi which makes it taste a little Filipino, I also tried it with the usual steak sauce and with chicken oil. They quite have a number of sauces you can mix and match with your order.

Pork Liempo, I believe is one of the most sought after pulutan of Filipinos but it is also one of the most popular dishes that make it perfectly with rice. Since I am still after the Filipino taste, I partnered it with toyomansi sauce and of course, it's the best decision I ever made. Their meats were already good without sauce but I am that girl who always enjoys adding some kick on to the usual dishes to make it suit my taste buds more. It's actually a good thing that this restaurant understands that well and they're giving diners a lot of choices to customize their food.

Chicken Inasal, the Bacolod style is the one catered by the restaurant. It has that yellowish marinade and Chicken oil. To even hype it up, they serve their homemade atchara and it is created by the owner's mom herself! It has been created the traditional way. I must know since I am a fan of my grandma's atchara too.

If you are up for more, they also have desserts which are still friendly for those who are in a diet and are wishing to lessen their intake of sugar. All their desserts aren't too sweet but still maintains that creamy rich taste you are looking for a dessert. These items on their menu were actually developed by the owner's wife with some considerations on how they'll cater diners that are also worried about their sugar intake.

The good thing about their desserts like Leche Flan and Apple Strudel Ala Mode is they don't go too sweet. Since some members of the owner's family have diabetes, they made sure that desserts here won't hurt them and their customers.

Creme Brulee and Panna Cota (I'm not sure with the exact name though). I love that the pannacotta is made up of real dark chocolate. I could easily tell if a chocolate is extremely sweetened or not since my teeth would react in just seconds that it would ache that fast when it's too sweet.

Ella's Recommendation

1. The sausage is a must try, trust me on that. I tried it with all the sauces but I ended up with the decision that it's best without any sauce at all.

2. I am not a fan of the Bacolod style chicken inasal since it is a little sour traditionally due to its marinade but when I tried it with their atchara, it's really good. Although I ended up munching on the atchara without the meat because I just love it.

3. They have coleslaws, fruits (watermelon, pineapples and etc), fresh greens, mashed potatoes, soups, macaroni salads which you can order alongside with other meats on the menu! It is already included on their unli-meat deals. Plus the iced tea!

4. When I came to the place, I also had the chance to meet the owner and he's really nice! If you happen to see him on the place, it's a sure thing that you'll be having a good time with a little chat. It just that he really looks like someone I know that I keep on looking at his face and can't say anything. HAHAHA. You know that feeling of amazement when you meet someone who looks like someone else you know.


Butcher's Daughter is located at 163 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, Parañaque

Since I used to study in Southville before, I've been to Aguirre Avenue a few times before to eat out with my friends and it's a sure thing that I'm gonna recommend it to my friends! Hoping that you are also opening branches within Manila or Makati!!!