A decade with U-kiss; How I celebrated this day with KissMe PH

Reaching a year, stepping on your fifth year and celebrating a decade, every milestone for an idol group is surprisingly well celebrated by fans. 'Fans' mean that includes me. Well, that's in the K-community. Here's one of the most amazing fan gathering turned 'instant' fan meet I have been to, 10th Anniversary Celebration of Ukiss. Oh! Plus how the fans turned teary-eyed when a special guest arrived! 

I can't call myself a hardcore 'Kiss Me' because I only started liking them when I got hooked up with Laboum a few years back. One good thing is that I always see updates about them through my feed 'cause some of my friends are either hardcore fans or admins of the fan club group. This is where it all blossomed.

There are two things that would make you stan a group, one is the 'group' itself; be it their visuals, their songs or shows that they were featured in to. It's something that was initially produced by the group's effort. Second? It's the fans! And that's the initial reason why I partake in this gathering. It's been a decade and so many things already happened in the group but the fans still managed to stick together and reach this milestone! 

These decors initially reminded us of all the members of U-kiss! (It's been 10 years!) Photos of all the members including the current and former members: include Kim Ki-bum, Alexander Lee Eusebio, AJ, Kevin Woo, Shin Dongho, Shin Soohyun, Lee Kiseop, Eli Kim, Yeo Hoon-Min and Lee Jun-Young. Guess what, they were all present on the memory photo wall!

Aside from that, attendees had the chance to bring home loot bags with photo cards and albums! How generous is Pearl Pink Kiss Me PH? Games prizes also include official merchandise. It's just unfortunate that I got no chance to join 'cause I am the one manning the tech booth.

The twist? During the screening, a special guest surprised everyone and made almost all the fans present in the venue a little teary-eyed upon his arrival! I was at the tech booth since I am teaching my friend on how to handle the light and sound system when an admin approached me to turn on the lights as they have a special guest. At first, I thought it was a special dance performance from an invited cover group but I find it weird that the admin herself has that burning excitement in her eyes, that then on, I know that there's something else that's happening.

It surely is an extreme shock for all of us. Guess who came? It's no other than a previous member of the group himself, it's Alexander Lee Eusebio!

He enthusiastically engaged with the fans and answered a few questions! Asked who invited him to join the event, he frankly answered that he just saw the event on Facebook and decided to visit and see firsthand how the fans would celebrate. That alone, he made all the fans happy. Plus the funny expressions and a few 'adulting' stuff that shared.

As for Xander, the first time I got to meet him personally was back in 2014 when my friends invited me to join them and say Hi to him at the airport. Following the fad, I watched My Korean Jagiya where he played the lead role of Junho. 

As I am also manning the tech booth, one of the admins asked me to play previous videos of Ukiss. To my surprise, when the old music videos were played, everyone kept on laughing because Xander obviously finds it cringe to see himself on screen with his old style. 

A group photo ended the quick fanmeet. It might be a short visit but true enough, it will be a huge part of our fangirl journey. It was never in our wildest dream to celebrate a special event with an idol that's a part of the group. 

 Aside from the screening, fans were able to reminisce on their favorite members by playing games related on to U-kiss' appearances on variety shows. Closing the program proper, attendees showed their greeting banners through a photo!

Happy 10th Year U-kiss!

Lastly, I'd like to commend Pearl Pink Kiss Me PH admins for their hard work in pushing this event. I know how difficult it is to create this type of event and I must say, all your hard works paid off! Congrats guys!

Aside from the gathering, the team gave an all-out support for this anniversary through an LED AD Fan project. Check on some of their anniversary fan projects through the following links:

Lastly, besides the selcas, they also made a donation drive for the U-KISS 10TH ANNIVERSARY ~ Rice Wreath Project 18.08.28.

Kudos KissMes! It's a sure thing that you made U-kiss really proud of you! ♥