Noriter Cafe: Dine and Play at this Korean 'Playground' just in Taft Avenue

Here's a dreamy and cozy cafe that everyone had been dreamin' of. The Noriter cafe located just along Taft Avenue and in front of De La Salle University is a Korean-themed and Korean franchise of a Seoul-based coffee shop. 

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In the Philippines, it's been around a decade when it first opened its doors to the public and currently, despite the low 'publicity' to mainstream media, word of mouth from students and good quality of food helped them grow and receive loyal customers throughout the years. It's not so noticeable from the streets as it is located on the 2nd Floor of Reyes Building along Estrada Street corner Taft Ave. This blog would be jam-packed with photos as my friend and I enjoyed taking lots of it when we visited. Have fun reading!


As I have numerous photos just on the interiors and dining area alone, then I subdivided it into different categories. Starting with the dining areas, you'll have around three types of seat set-up that you could experience.
If you are aiming for a usual/ casual business type set-up or you need to meet for a little group study, I suggest the main dining area as the area could accommodate more people. For me, it's also the most instagrammable area. I'd highly suggest this place when you plan to do fan club gatherings as I'd also invite my friends to come here to spazz!

If you need a little chill with boyfie or get some heart-to-heart talk with the besties, some floor-seated areas would give you just enough privacy that you are looking for. If you are coming alone to study, worry not as they have outlets if you run out of battery! You'll be needing lots of batteries since the place is super Instagram-worthy and it's impossible not to take selfies!

The floor-sitting set-up gives you access to the window where you can see the busy road in Manila. Though there's not that much to see aside from the LRT, it gives you the feel of being in a Kdrama with a 'teddy-oppa.' How I wish, he's here with me!   

Another space to accommodate you is just beside the counter, it's super good for dates! Taking a look at the corners of it already give that 'kilig' factor when you are out with your boyfriend! The tables also include messages and photos of guests who dined here before and I'm actually amazed by some of the notes including the stories of 'first dates' in this cafe. Try to spot that table with the cheezy love story message!


As 'Noriter' in Korea means playground, the interiors would give you a nostalgic feel of your childhood with a little bit of Korean twist just like a Korean drama episode that gives a little backgrounder on the character. Thus, I filtered the photos in my post to give you that feel. Take a look at some of the photos. You can also see photos of Korean dramas on display! 

I had numerous photos inside!

The wall vandals are some of the common things you see when you visit a themed cafe in Korea as it serves as an area to express themselves and leaving a 'memory' by writing a short note and sometimes, the date that they visited. 

Aside from the insta-worthy interiors, you are allowed to borrow board games! Just ask assistance from the staff and make sure to lend your ID. Jel and I decided to try this cute bad dog toy but we are both afraid of using it. Obviously, we ended up playing with the bears. HAHAHA. 


Like the usual themed cafe or Korean restaurant I tried in Korea before, there's a huge board with the menu on it. Sometimes, handwritten like here in Noriter. You can also check on their printed menu to select which among their items you'd like to eat! I'll share with you my favorites in a while.
The photos displayed are their best selling dishes! Noriter might be a Korean themed-cafe but they do serve international dishes like the clubhouse packed with cheese and Japanese inspired recipes like Donkatsu.

You think the items are pricey? Think twice! It's not. That's the reason why I highly suggest it for fan club gatherings. Aside from the huge serving size, they boast about how student friendly the cafe is with their rice meals, drinks, and desserts! All rice meal comes with free half-serving of ramyeon, which I think is already whole because the serving is huge. 

If I sound like a marketer of this cafe, No I'm not. It's just that I love everything about this place that I don't know why it took me some time before visiting it. As what I've mentioned earlier, there's a free ramyeon included when you order any rice meal. Look at the portions!

What makes it different from the other Donkatsu that I tried before? It's their salad. The sauce isn't mayo but peanut butter!

New to their menu is this overloaded mozarella cheese rice topped with bacon!! They create their own special sauce that they mix with the rice, top it with cheese and bacon and bake it! Giving you that carbs on carbs combination, this item goes with a free ramyeon too!

Drinks are around 169, the largest. What I highly suggest the most is my favorite Choco mint which I posted on my Facebook account before. In one sip, it will remind you of your first try on the 2016 Starbucks Christmas drink which is the Peppermint mocha, (that I got addicted into) but just without the colorful tops. I instantly fell in love with it because Noriter's take gives that lesser sweet that I don't need to drink a lot of water once in a while.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Like what I've mentioned earlier, the choco mint is super must try!
2. The cheese rice could cater about 2 people already if you are not a big eater as they have ramyeon that comes with it!
3. Don't forget to bring your charger or power bank! You'll take lots of picture for sure.
4. Have fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy the place a lot.
5. At some point, the only downside that I noticed is that the restaurant is under staff so expect that you'll be asking quite a few follow-ups before your order will be served. For us, it even took us an hour of waiting before our food arrived.


I think the only problem in this place is the area. Even though the place is a busy district, the location is not noticeable from the street. It's located at the 2nd floor of Reyes Building just on top of Tapa King. It's a few blocks away from LRT Vito Cruz station!

I'm a little afraid to share this hangout place with my friends because I know that it will turn a hit soon but I just can't stop myself from sharing it as it deserves to be popular for the amenities and food they have! Let's meet here soon! I live just around the corner!


  1. Ommmg I love the korean culture and this looks so fun! Wow. Now I want to go there omg. That is sooo cute. The teddy bears and all. The food looks amazing. This is awesome. :D Thanks for sharing! I need to visit this place.

  2. What i love in Korea the most is its cuteness and this post is overflowing with it!!!! Keep it going love 😉

  3. I wanna go there to try the cheese rice! I'll definitely visit when I'm in Manila so please join me haha! I miss the Donkatsu in Korea!

  4. A very charming place to hangout and dine, foods are surprisingly affordable. Hey, do you know if they can host mini workshops here?

  5. The colors surprisingly pops-out and is very millennial! Nice review!