Boysen shows off aesthetic colors through a hands on art event

Tickling your creativity is the latest event of Boysen, known for being the No. 1 Paint shared with us the 2018 color trend through a special hands-on event at the SM Mall of Asia.

Ella's experience

The free event allows kids and kids at heart to enjoy painting different common shapes like square, rectangle, circle and triangle. The catch? From its base color, you can add layers of different lines according to your creative stint.

I love the idea of simple lines and colors, it reminds me of '02-'04 Kpop eras wherein my favorite Kpop groups dance in the tune of pop lively music with these type of backgrounds!

Aside from that, kids get really creative with their artworks giving them the chance to color their own shapes while you also destress yourself while bonding with the kids!

Here's the sample of my finished work! THey heat it up using blow dry right after you paint it so it won't mess when you shop around!

Afterwards, they handed out the Paint Product Guide that includes the list and sample photos of their products including Permacoat color series, Boysen cool shade, Knoxout, Virtuoso, Boysen Rust-off, Boysen Roofgard, Matte Shield, marmorino, Acrytex, Acqua Epoxy, Elasti-kote, Odor-less Paint, Prime guard, Plexibond, wall guard, eco-primer, perlescente and chalk blocker.