Batangas: Farmville's Restorante de Farmacia, why you should shift from fastfood to organic?

A restaurant that doesn't just satisfy your cravings for good tasting food but also gives you access to healthier dishes, no wonder why Taal Maranan's Farmville - Restorante de Farmacia boomed as one of the must-see places in Taal, Batangas for travelers. Are you up for organic food and some fresh air?

Giving you that dramatic Grandma's country house home display, the Restorante de Farmacia (which I initially thought was spelled out as Pharmacia -- meaning pharmacy) because of which I believed to be 'Restaurant and Pharmacy' as it is organic yet it is actually 'Farmacia' meaning farm. In English, it simply means Farm Restaurant. The displays really reminded me of old house design where lots of figures are seen. Like that of our house in Cagayan where I spend my grade school vacations.

Meanwhile, the outdoor dining suddenly reminded me of our first Romeo and Juliet school play, with all the vines hanging, the romantic ambiance and silence of the place, it's perfect for couples to do pre-nup shoots! I also heard that lots of couples take photos in this corner!

Here's another spot from the right side corner of the previous photo! (photo from heydaddyph)

A look at the receiving area! I love to see handwritten menu displays 'cause it eventually gives a personalized look and staff could get creative with the chalk colors and writings! To give it a little tweak, comes the wines. For a casual dining date, I love my lunch or dinner with wine as aside from the fact that it helps with digestion, who wouldn't like to go for a wine over a fun chat with friends and family?

Here's the actual dining area! It can cater about 40-50 people at the same time comfortably. When I checked the photos, I initially thought that the restaurant is open area but it's well-air conditioned! 

The owners and staff were all hands-on when we dined in. While I was there, the farm handles an ongoing BMW Z Club fun run event and huge names were on the scene. Aside from their ala-carte, they cater huge events and buffet type of caterings!

Blue rice -- It's my first time to try this smurf-like colored rice and thought it would taste a little sweet 'cause it's common that blue colors would remind you of bubble gum! It's doesn't have any difference with the usual rice aside from the color. Also, a new blogger friend told me that the flowers mixed on this rice to make it blue has a lot of nutritional value!

Faves? Rosemary Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Hickory barbeque Ribs -- Literally, both has been cooked to perfection as it's super tender that it almost melts in your mouth.

Here are some of the dishes I tried -- Lechon, seafood, vietnamese roll, pesto pasta and the fresh crispy salad!

Yes, you heard it right! The fresh Farmville salad is just extremely fresh that it has been handpicked from the farm and served fresh directly on to the dining table. How would you know if the veggies are fresh? It's super crunchy! Even the greens are crunchy! I even saw some of the staffs picking the lettuce while we roam around the place.

Buko ala mode comes with a cookies and cream type of ice cream plus the sweet strawberry syrup. You'll be the one to scrape the coconut meat and you'll be surprised with how fresh and sweet it is!


Clubhouse sandwich packed with fresh vegetables, ham and egg! Plus, don't forget the fries on top!

This burger is actually made of veggies! The patty is a mixture of different vegetables and pumpkin is the highlight of the taste. They serve meat based patties too if you are a carnivorous one!

 The restaurant isn't just home to organic veggies, it also serves world-class dishes as the chef is world widely-renowed after winning a prestigious cooking contest. His Longganisang Taal Pasta which I tried when I visited the restaurant, gives a little bit of sweet longganisa flavor, a little spicy kick from the chili and the traditional olive oil sauce topped with Parmesan cheese.

Halo-halo topped with generous scoops of ice cream!

Another favorite is this Pansit kala buko! Instead of your traditional bihon or canton, the restaurant make use of buko and once you try it, you''ll never look at your pansit the same way before. It has that little peppery kick, not too salty flavor and the sweet taste of the shredded coconut meat. The perfect healthy partner? Lemongrass tea!!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a photo of the ice-cold lemongrass tea which is a combination of lemongrass, ginger and calamansi brewed and then iced because I was too excited to drink it straight!

These are some of the freshly harvested farm products that's ready to be served right on your table!

Ella's Recommendations

1. Before visiting the Taal Maranan's Farmville, I've heard good and bad points about the farm. The one that has been keeping me curious is that a friend of mine said it took her a long time before the food has been served. If you'll take a look at the bigger picture, restaurants with freshly served dishes takes a long preparation unlike fast food who make use of microwave for reheating of food. If you are in a hurry, go order first at the restaurant before you roam around the area. With that, you'll be able to maximize your time and lessen the waiting game for your food! Waiting time usually takes 15-30 minutes depending on the number of your order!

2. Prices ranges from 120-400 pesos. I highly suggest that you try the Pansit Kala Buko and the lemongrass tea!

3. Organic farm doesn't mean they'll just serve purely vegatables, they also have other choices of meat like chicken (their best seller is tinolang manok) and pork. We even tried their lechon!

4. You can pick your own veggies and buy them per kilo! Would surely do that next time! I love their lettuce.

5. If you enjoyed their sauces, you can separately sold them on the restaurant. They said that the bestseller is the Mulberry Jam and the black sesame dressing. When we visited, the Mulberry jam isn't available  because it's not the perfect season for harvesting yet. Anyway, price ranges from 200-250 pesos per bottle.

Location: Taal Maranan's Farmville Inc., Taal Batangas


  1. Who would have thought these are organic and healthy!

  2. I love organic food! Actually I'm planning to start backyard gardening hihi! Ang cute ng rice nilaaaa!

  3. Fast food are so tempting especially if thats the only available in the area and you are busy just to wait. If there are more organic foods around, I bet many will switch. :)

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