Icings Bakery and Cafe: your next hang-out fine dining experience is here

A healthy version of pig-out weekends? Icings Bakery and Cafe is a must try! From kinds of pasta, rice meals, pizzas, and even cakes, they surely have it on their menu! 

My friends and I dined in before attending an event and we had a gastronomic feast and got that amazing ambiance at the same time.

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The cozy vibe of the place would remind you of your first date. It's chill, vibrant, melo-dramatic yet very millennial at the same time.

The designs, from the ceiling up to the wall accents inside the Icing restaurant here in Vertis North is just as pretty as how it looks on Instagram.

Menus are easily available on the table once you decide which spot you and your friends would like to take. My friends and I decided to take the seat beside the window.

My Krew friends literally pigged out here before attending Jung Joon Young's fanmeeting!

And yes, my friend and I enjoyed taking photos here at the waiting area when all of our other friends went to the comfort room! ㅋㅋㅋ


The restaurant would make you swoon over these cute cakes situated in front of the cafe. This restaurant isn't just a fine dining hang-out, it is also home to luscious desserts!

They also have canned goods that you can bring home to your mom and dad! I love the idea that they put it together as a 'gift pack' style.

We ordered Four cheese pizza, grilled chicken rosemary, 100 tomato, carbonara, and lemongrass chicken. Carbonara is quite tasteless according to my friends. It's a little low on salt so my friends requested for salt.

100 tomato -- not so sure why it was named that way though. Can someone enlighten me?

Here comes this thin crust pizza with cheese and herbs on top! I suggest that you eat it ahead once it's served as the thin crust would be a little tough when exposed for 15 minutes or so.

I made the right decision on ordering grilled chicken rosemary. I enjoyed the 'turmeric?' taste of the rice and the grilled smell and flavor of the chicken. It's great that it was partnered with tomatoes and eggplant. It helps in balancing the flavor of the chicken and rice 'cause if there would be no veggies, I find it a little oily.

Lastly, my friend ordered this lemongrass chicken which has almost the same look as the grilled chicken rosemary but has a little lighter marinate/ grilled taste.

Ella's Recommendation

1. I highly recommend this place if you are going out with your friends for a weekend catch up because the vibes are just right for that kind of set-up!
2. Might be a little bit expensive for students as they also have service charge
3. You'll gonna love the pizza!


Icings Tomas Morato, Q.C.
101 Dr. Lazcano Street,
Quezon City
372 0351
Sun – Thurs 7am to 10pm
Fri – Sat 7am to 11pm

Icings Market! Market!
Ground Floor, New Wing
Market! Market!, BGC,
Taguig City
728 3580
Sun – Thurs 8am to 9pm
Fri – Sat 8am to 10pm

Icings Robinsons Magnolia

Lower Ground Floor,
Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Bvld., Quezon City
0922 486 5725

Icings Vertis North
2/F Ayala Malls Vertis North, 
Vertis North, Triangle Exchange,
North Ave, Quezon City.


  1. Now I'm curious about this place. Those cakes are too cute to eat! I should visit it this coming weekend :)

  2. A must! I want to invite the dabarkads naaaaaa

  3. I always pass by here in Market Market but never had the chance to try their food.

    I will try this soon ;)

  4. I wish they will open a branch here in the South. Looks like a great place to dine!

  5. We don't a place yet, I would suggest this place for our meetup!

  6. The ambiance looks like it's a cafe in Hongdae! Hahaha! I'll definitely try their pizza when they open a branch here in Cavite!

  7. Wow cakes! This is perfect for my colleague's upcoming birthday. Do they deliver cakes?