Jang Dabang Cafe -- the cup with no label

A small cafe just along Escriva drive of Ortigas center lies this small cozy shop called Jang Dabang with drinks and cups without their name as the label. Nevertheless, their drinks are worth visiting for!

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A short walk from the University of Asia and the Pacific lies this cute sized cafe that would probably fit groups of three and a couple (since there's a couple stool). Despite that, it will still catch your attention as it is well-lighted. Inside, probably about only 15-20 people would probably fit in.

Aside from their drinks, they also have slices of cakes and i'm really excited to see that there's even cheesecakes! My friend and I just ate from a nearby restaurant so we decided not to buy snacks anymore.

Aside from the lights, these are the only two aesthetic wall decor that you can find in the shop. Nevertheless, the minimalistic view gives that impression that the store is bigger than it is.

Here comes the counter. This is also where all the drinks are made!

I love the aesthetics of their hanging lights! It's super modern and it really gives that minimalistic look and gives an idea that space is wider than it is.


My friend and I ordered Mango juice and green tea frappe. Everyone knows that I love matcha but I hate it when it tastes like medicine. For this particular shop, their blend isn't as strong as the other frappes that I tried so for those who are pretty afraid of the bitter taste of Green tea, then it's a must try for you.

If I am to come back here, I'd be trying these two types of teas on the list. I tried Honey Citron tea before when I was in Korea and it helped my voice to recover from the weather. It might be a little tangy or sour (depends on the level of citron) but the honey mixes well with the tea taste.

Fruit smoothies range from 120-140 pesos and flavors are freshly prepared once you order.

Here's the whole menu! I just forgot to take photos of their bingsu menu but they have a few items available.

Jang Dabang might be a small cafe but it's worth visiting! If you happen to pass by Ortigas and UA&P, give this place a try!