Staycation or Team Building? The Selah Garden Hotel got you covered!

How about not spending too much time on your travel and just do both your staycation and team building in one place? The catch? -- The Selah Garden Hotel is only in Pasay!

With the traffic in the Metro, the only thing that you'd like to do on a weekend is to stay at home, lie down in bed and take a few moments to breathe in and out. For some time, there might be a few weekend getaways for the company or your org's team buildings.


Our room gives that condo-type two-floor suite feels with a card key for a secure stay. It is spacious enough to practically accommodate four people at the same time and can accomodate a maximum of 5 people with P5,100 rate. The wifi access codes were given together with the card and the codes could let you access up to four devices.

Two card keys have been handed to us for our convenience. Upon arrival, my blogger friends Chelsea, a beauty blogger (Chelsea Sayo blog) and Karla (Travel with Karla), a travel blogger decided to enjoy the living room and take photos! I enjoyed the minimal accents of the space added with local native decors. (Like that of the colorful wall decors behind us!) To add more, there's a television mounted on the wall facing this sofa!

There's a lavatory, a kettle if you'd like some coffee and a mini ref to store your goodies. There are free complimentary bottled waters too like the usual items you see in a hotel! Toiletries were all set on the shelf!

And of course, let's not forget about taking mirror selfies! By the way, one thing that I love the most about The Selah Garden Hotel room is that they have a separate Toilet room and shower room which gives efficiency to two users at the same time. Behind this mirror is the toilet room and on the opposite side is the shower room.


The best part of our bed is that it could fit in more than four people together! aside from that, the sockets were strategically situated in the middle of two beds so that any of the guests would have access to it! Still, there's enough space before the beds so that you can put your luggage if you have plenty with you. Since my friends and I only have backpacks and tote bags, we eventually filled the space on the shelf!

Outdoor Activities
A list of high and low rope activities at The Selah Garden can be found in the middle of the garden. For a day tour (those who aren't checking in at the hotel), the activities cost 750 pesos while checked-in visitors get 50% discount! 

Before you start the high ropes activities, you must fill out the agreement form and afterwards, the staffs would assist you in wearing the safety gears!

You wouldn't notice that is taken in Metro Manila if not for the high rise building at the back! Here's a quick zip line to start of your course. Afterwards, you gotta cross the rope bridge and to make it lit, Joel walked here while vlogging!!!

 Will you dare cross this broken bridge? To cap off the whole course, you need to jump, reach a hanging balloon and eventually start the free fall! Finishing this task would get easier if you are with new friends! We were handed with snacks after the activities!

Aside from the high rope activities, there's hundreds of activities to choose from for team building! Will you give your whole trust to your team for a free fall? How about a little acting session and do some charades? Would you walk through human bombs while blind folded? These are just some of the activities that the DB Media enjoyed!

Rates: The whole course is at 750 pesos for day tours and you'll get 50% off if you are checking in their hotel!


You may also take your breakfast beside the pool! Like what I have mentioned in my social media posts, the place surely is a Tagaytay in the middle of the city!

You can also find this huge cute hanging tree that's perfect for your Instagram feed! The whole place is surrounded by trees that you'll really forget that you are just in Pasay! Who would really thought that a place like this exist in Pasay anyway?

What's the best way to end the night? Karaoke!!!They have a spacious karaoke room that you and your team can rent! The KTV room is at P6,000 for 15 people inclusive of their selected fixed food and drinks.

I'll give you a sneak peak of what we ate. Since I really liked the food they served us, here's a detailed review of The Selah Garden Hotel's menu! The menu contains traditional favorite Filipino food but their twist and recipe is just really good!

Overall, the experience is superb! Who would think that such an oasis like this in Metro Manila? And it's only 10-15 minutes away from LRT and MRT by walk. If you take a taxi ride from MRT, it would cost you only 50-60 pesos! (It's super near!)

2715 Park Ave, Pasay City, Metro Manila



  1. Milk tea naman tayo ng Db media PH bloggers!!!

  2. I like to go now! As a person who loves adventure and at the same time relaxation, i van do both here

  3. Wow at least it's only in Pasay! The location is very accessible to commercial centers and malls. Any landmark near the place?

  4. kakatuwa. kakabasa ko lang ng blog ni sis karla, and eto rin, same kayo ng shinare!. hope to meet you soon

  5. I'd been seeing the Selah Garden Hotel in my feed recently! :) Looks like an affordable, convenient option for office team buildings. Will suggest this to friends pag may nagtanong.

  6. This place seems good for team-building, and glad you guys has fun!

  7. ahaha! love our photos! Selah Garden Hotel is the best place for team building!

  8. I am happy you guys had some fun. Planning to go there someday. Thank you for this. :D ^_^

  9. Looks like the place would give a lot of fun for those who plan to visit!

  10. Woooww I would like to visit the hotel too! I didn't know that there is a hotel with those facilities in Manila!

  11. Super nag enjoy talaga ako sa Selah Garden Hotel. Thanks for patiently taking pictures! More blogging gigs to come! Hihi!

  12. wow, nakakatuwa naman. Magkakakilala pala kayo ng ibang mga members dun sa FB group. Hope to get to meet some of you soon. Sali naman ako sa mga blogging groups/org nyo. :) Anyway, on another note, the hotel looks good. I love staycations, second to traveling.

  13. Looking forward to this. Hotel in QC would be wonderful.