Why we all need a support team at 20's

"Passion alone is never enough."

The same time a year ago everything changed. That includes the person I thought I am and I would be. It took me a long painful process to get over it. It’s something that I no longer want to talk about through my blog or if someday I bump into you in a cafĂ©, then I’ll gladly do a storytelling over a cup of coffee.

At 20, people say I have achieved so many things. Let me clear things out first, this phrase is not intended for bragging, I'm initially stating facts so you could understand the whole picture. The same year, I lost everything that I reached the point wherein I even questioned my existence. I almost have everything but I’m lost. Society’s pressure leads to overachieving that when a plan fails, you’ll suffer from extreme depression. I did.

Throughout those days, I was bumming around trying to search for myself. It took me 20 years to simply get a ‘me-time.’ That only means I could finally get some fresh air out of the bubble that society corralled me. The ‘me-time’ that I know I deserved but I wasn’t privileged enough to be awarded one. It was all because I was too competitive in this society and that I forgot that the pile of papers that they call ‘certificates’ are just plain papers that has your name on.

Since God has been moving me to achieve a better ‘purpose’ in life,` I get to meet the good and bad side of different circles. I will not talk about religion because I don’t believe in such but I know God purposely guided me to meet all the people that taught me life lessons and this is why I am giving you reasons to justify the need for a support team at 20’s:

The pressure of today’s society is unbearable

The way you look, the way you dress and even your opinion matters and you are always prone to society's judgment. It's true that when you do something good, no one would notice but if you commit even the smallest mistake, you'll surely be judged. Thus, you always need people who can support you and sincerely give you advises whether its work related or personal. 

Social media is dictating your kind of thinking

With 'influencers' all over social media, it's impossible that you won't feel a bit of enviousness with their social status and experiences. However, at some point, it causes huge comparison in real life. While scrolling on your Facebook and Instagram feed, it's impossible that you have never questioned why and how did such 'people' became lucky enough to earn a huge following and have been given the chance to access huge opportunities at an early age.

‘Adulting’ stuff is not easy

Right after graduation, your friends might easily find work, some might be having kids and some are working their ass off to upscale their career. The pressure is on and the whole fam is looking at you trying to figure out what exactly is happening with your life, unstoppable comparisons, questionings, and stuff.

You share the same sentiments

They say people at the same age experience almost the same issues in life. As an extension to the 'adulting stuff,' people at the same age most probably have the same experiences, if not the same -- then it might be a little parallel. Meeting once in a while will help as you share the same sentiments and you can share advice on the group. You get to learn from their experiences and you can teach them with yours.

 No man is an island

Aside from the 'depressing' side of adulting, we need to accept the fact that no man is an island. We must learn from one another and a support group would help us learn and keep ourselves connected in the society. -- Be it an organization, events or just the usual weekend nights socializing parties.

Ending this is my favorite friend's shared story: "Passion alone is never enough, you need people to help you out with your journey. You help them, they help you-- you both benefit from one another, that's what life is all about" ♥