Trying Wang Pau Samgyupsal in Manila

Yep, our hubby of trying Korean food in the metro introduced us here in a Samgyupsal stop in Legarda. It's near the universities so it's gotta be super accessible for students. Price is right so we decided to try it! Here's our full review:

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Ella's Experience

At some point, I am not happy with the set-up, it's not so crowded but the ventilation took a toll on me. The air-conditioning unit is quite having a hard time in coping up with the heat. As a result, they use electric fans to shoo away the smoke grill but  it eventually ends up that the smoke directly goes to other customers. As for the seats, it's all good.

Here's their actual serving per order. It's a lot compared to others that i tried. There are about four choices of flavors for pork and another four for the beef. You can only order two servings at a time. No worries, it all tastes great!

The side dishes
The sauces seems like soy sauce, a little liquified samjang and sesame oil, though I could easily say that there's another type of oil added on the sesame oil. Following are baby potatoes and turnip.

I have to commend them with the rice, it's sticky and that's what I enjoy in a Korean resto. Next comes sweet potatoes and Kimchi.

I like the soup, it's the traditional Korean table soup, I hope they could serve it hot next time. Last thing that disappointed me and my friend is their lettuce. It seems like it's a day old outside of the refrigerator, it's no longer fresh. As for the cheese, it's goes well with the meat.

Egg Stew

Unlimited Pork 299 / Pork and Beef 399
Unlimited Cheese - 55 per head

The price is great, it's cheaper than other Korean restaurants that offer unlimited Samgyupsal but I'm quite disappointed with their staff service. I overheard that a team left as they can't wait for their table. Somehow,

 I expect that scenario already as there's plenty of instances that this happen in an unlimited dish type of restaurant. However, I heard cussing staffs just behind me. I understand that they got tired with their work but it's inappropriate that they cuss in front of the customers and some people could hear them.

 Also, our egg stew took three times of ordering before it was placed and served. To give a little benefit of the doubt, maybe the kitchen was too busy preparing for other orders. But then, for the water refill, it took about 10 mins before it has been refilled and when we asked for a Kimchi refill, they said they run out of stock which is a little surprising 'cause it's the first time that I tried a Korean unlimited Samgyupsal restaurant that run out of Kimchi, a major no-no for me.

Ella's Recommendations

1. You'll enjoy Wang BBQ, Firey beef, Beef bulgogi and Pau Spicy Pork. Just a reminder that when you select pork and beef option, your order must be a pair of pork and beef always.

2. You'll enjoy the cheese sauce so don't hesitate to add 55 pesos.

3. Make sure that you have patience to wait for your turn. When we arrived, it's quite a little early for dinner so it's hot outside. The area is shaded but still, it's hot.

4. If you can't properly breath with smoke, try their other branches. I heard that other branches look better.

- 2/F 2180 Legarda cor, San Rafael , Quiapo Manila
- 1224, Santander cor, Dapitan , Sampaloc Manila


  1. Wow they are cheap, are those Korean pork they serve? I know many who would be thrilled to devour these foods.

  2. That's a great deal! I don't mind adding 55 pesos for the cheese sauce! I'm now craving for samgyeopsal!

  3. Wow! Napaka affordable naman ng samgyeopsal nila 😊