10 of my most unforgettable Kpop events that made me do this blog

I attended numerous Kpop concerts and fan meetings in Manila since High School days and these events played a huge part of who I am today. Each event, be it small or big helped me honed not just my interpersonal skills, it also engaged me to lots of new faces that I am friends with until now. Let me share my top 10 Kpop events that encouraged me to share my fangirling life through the birth of 'Kimchi Adventures.' -- This blog.

**I made this list based on the year :))

10. Break down Kim Hyun Joong Hi-five touch event in Trinoma (2011)
It all started when I had my own experience of fangirling and lined up for almost the whole day for a three-second high touch event with Kim Hyun Joong. I purchased his album and waited hours to see him live. I was in 3rd year high school back then and didn't sleep nights before the event to finish all my school works so that I could pass it in school earlier than the deadline because I'll be absent for that event. All the photos I had in this event were corrupted so I borrowed this photo from his single! (Also, this the same poster that I got together with his album!)

9. Fangirling over Laboum; the Kispinoy free event and fanmeeting (2014)
**photo from Pinterest

Having a chance to meet Laboum and Ukiss personally is just one of my favorite fangirl moments. Laboum-- until now is a group that I silently support and I've been influenced by my friends to love Ukiss. during the Kispinoy event, I am very happy to meet all the members of Laboum and spend a few minutes with them even though during that time, I have almost zero knowledge of Korean language.

8. NOM events (2014-2015)
There are plenty of reasions why I am so happy to talk about NOM. If I am to discuss about my fangirling journey, half of it would be about this group. This is where I met lots of good friends that I am still exchanging chats until now. Moreover, there were plenty of lessons from the people and events I've been through with this group. I wrote a part of this journey on a separate blog: NOM fan accounts. By the way, it's a very looooong read!

7. Kfest 5 + Dinner Date with M.pire (2014)
Talking about being 'Lucky,' meeting M.pire is one of the luckiest fangirl event in my fangirl life. Why? It all started in an event wherein I would like to see my bias Red upclose but due to circumstances with his visa, he wasn't able to attend the fanmeet in Manila -- the fanmeet where I was chosen to have a dinner date with the group! Read a short fan account here: Dinner date with M.pire

6. Lee Min Ho Benchsetter Fanmeet (2014)
*photo from Allkpop

Meeting one of the most iconic stars in Kpop and Kdrama industry, Lee Min Ho's benchsetter fanmeeting in Manila is so unforgettable. It's actually my first solo fangirl event that I literally lined up and attended the event alone. I got to spazz with strangers but never had the chance to get their contacts as it was too crowded and it is pretty impossible to find them again in the venue.

5. Best of Best in the Philippines (2014)
**photo from Pep.ph
From one fan gathering event to the best of best in Philippine Arena, it's the first time that my friends and I drive all the way from some parts of metro manila to Bulacan with no exact plans and most amazingly, without any piece of ticket-- but yes, we made it to lower box!

4. Boys Republic in Manila (2015)
These days, my friends and I did a lot of famewhoring to win an online contest wherein I must get 300 likes on a shared post. We all know how difficult it is to gain likes a few years ago plus the fact that it is a shared post. Yet, I still managed to meet the group Boys Republic together with my friend! We attended all their events in Manila and finally had a group photo on their last stop!

3. The First Asia Fanmeeting; MonstaX in Manila (2016)
Having the chance to cover for the MonstaX's presscon is a huge privilege for me already! I was a photographer representative only for their presscon and once I got home, a friend called me to attend the fanmeeting itself! I rushed back to the venue and literally arrived just right on time! Read more about the event here: MonstaX: The first asia fanmeeting 

2. Bts live On Stage Epilogue in Manila (2016)
It took them just a snap to mark their name in the K-pop industry. They might be young but the growing popularity of the most sought K-pop boy group Bangtan Seonyeondan (방탄소년단), popularly known as BTS, has skyrocketed Korea and the world’s music charts. Yup I was at their Epilogue in Manila Concert! The whole story: BTS on Stage: Epilogue in Manila Concert

1. Seungri: Glory and TPA at Cove Manila (2018)
It’s not the first time of Bigbang’s maknae Seungri in the Philippines, not even his time first clubbing in Manila. Yet, all his visits and events in Manila including his event Cove Manila are unforgettable on its own unique ways. Here’s what you missed during that night’s happenings:  Seungri: Glory and TPA at Cove Manila.

How about your fangirl journey? Share with me your stories and which among them are your faves!


  1. Goals ka talaga! Ang unforgettable Kpop event ko ay attending KBS Music Bank. Super dami kong nameet pero Twice at BTOB lang kilala ko nung panahong yon haha!