Easier application of Multiple Entry Visa to South Korea offered to selected Filipinos

Planning to visit South Korea soon? Good news! Eligible nationals from Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh could now attain multiple entry visa for South Korea. This is to attract more travelers from the said region by giving easier processing to documents.

In the previous years, the citizens from the said countries, including Filipinos were required to obtain a visa every time they visit. The multiple entry would they’ll be issuing would allow holders to visit the said region while their documents are valid.

The visa only allows professionals –limited to doctors, lawyers, professors, graduates of local universities with a degree for any four-year-plus program and those with an overseas academic degree equivalent to or higher than a master's degree.

"Those with the least risk on our country's part of infringing on Korean immigration laws, like staying illegally or getting a job without a valid work permit." The ministry explained.

The said multiple visa – C-3 visa has a 10 year validity and each stay allows the holder with a 30 day visit each.

You may apply for visa through Korean Embassy's accredited travel agencies.
 Here's the list: Accredited travel agencies for South Korea Visa
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  1. This is good news! I had an alien card before that's why I don't apply for visa. Since it's now expired, I need to make an application LOL. I'm glad that they are now more open to give multiple entry visas!

    1. ang saya ng may alien card hahaha pero hassle talaga magapply, dami nadedeny huhu.

  2. Wow this is Good news! Sooner or later, who knows? Maybe they’ll try how it works with not having to require Filipinos to get a visa to visit their country :) wishing here!

  3. Good news! I should've tried this but I already got my 5 years multiple entry visa <3

  4. It's great that SK is making it easier for foreign travelers, particularly Filipinos, to get a multiple-entry visa. :) SK is quite infamous for the difficulty of its visa grant process.

  5. This is a good step, and promising as well for those who have side hustle jobs in South Korea. I see huge loophole here, but then if we only think of ourselves geez this is awesome opportunity!

  6. This is good news to many travelers out there who are eyeing to go to Korea.