Pups and Cups Dog Cafe

Do you love dogs? Well I do, ever since we had Kimchi (my female dog's name) at home, I started to enjoy playing with dogs and this lead me to this experience in Pups and Cups dog cafe in Las Pinas! I'm sure you are all excited to take photos with them, guess what? They are not camera shy!

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There are about 13 dogs in the cafe but they have rounds so that some of them could rest while others are playing with the customers. Though there are times that they run around if you touch them, they'll instantly come to you when the staff says you'll be taking pictures.

Here are some of the cute dogs I played with too. Most of them are already probably because I arrived after eating hours, which means their stomachs were all full and it's sleep time already! Yet, there are still some who are active enough to play and run around me whenever I touch them.

There are two things that you can find on their wall, one is the rules and regulations and the other is the photos of the dogs and their names. Basic rules include:

1. Not lifting of the dog while the person is standing.
2. No flashes when taking photos.
3. No feeding.

and some are just minors. Just make sure that you abide by the rules for yours and the dogs' safety too.


If you plan to come here to play with the dogs, you must order at least a drink or any food which amounts to 190 pesos with a free drink and an hour and a half of play together with the pups!

The place for the dogs is well ventilated and there's a staff all the time so that when one of the pups do potty sessions, it would be cleaned up easily. The staffs would also gladly assist you if you wish to take photos with the puppies!

When I visited their shop, they were celebrating their Halloween party so it's a cute scene to see all the staffs dressed up in different concepts! They were nice enough to invite me join their group for a photo!

Ella's Recommendations
1. For me and my friend, we had their 190 pesos (I forgot the exact amount) package but it's the one with drink and 1.5 hrs of play with the dogs. You may opt to upgrade your drink depending on the flavor and add some amount. I added 50 pesos for matcha drink.

2. You may also add other finger food and meals!


104 Gloria Diaz Street BFRV (4.39 mi)
Las PiƱas 1700


  1. This place is perfect for dog lovers like me! Will recommend this to my friends as well :)