Batangas: A day tour in Taal Maranan's Farmville

Finally, I had the chance to visit the famous game turned real-life farm, the Taal Maranan's Farmville Inc. in Taal, Batangas. Wanna know what's so special about this farm? Read through:

Ella's Experience

For a day tour, you may rent these pineapple and orange seat but make sure that someone would stay on your rented space as it is open area and you may suddenly want to roam around the place. There's a nearby pool if you plan to rent these spots.

For overnight, they also have hotels and gigantic farm plants turned rooms! (To name a few, here's the Talong, atis and even animals like the gorilla and tiger! The hotel features its own pool and mini bar. While the farm plants accommodations own

If you are coming as a team, you may rent the bigger ones for overnight. Choices includes the villa and the bungalow house. The hobbit house is also good for sharing.

If you still want a glamorous staycation, they have a hotel to accommodate you. Here's how comfy the rooms are! More than that, you have the access to the hotel's very own infinity pool that gives an overlooking view of the whole Taal.

They have a function hall for team buildings and parties! This is also where they hold their in-house classes on organic farming.

Welcoming you to the vicinity includes the huge field with basketball court, seesaw, slide and this romantic area that couples would love to hang-out!

(L) Gorilla pool is just as cute as the gorillas that pops-out when we play the addicting Facebook game,  (R) there are two infinity type pools that would give you access to greater views and simply connects you with nature.

Here's this cute Pakwan (Watermelon) pool located nearby other 'plant' accommodations. They also have the biggest swimming pool in the middle of the farm but I didn't include it here as we took photos from a low angle that it doesn't seem like a pool anymore.

Here are some of the fresh organic edible plants that you can pick yourself! Yep, the farm has been known for having organic veggies!

Also, they tagged the plants so that guests would learn more about the plantation. The second photo is a koi pond and their website says that you can also purchase one if you'd want to!

Farmville wise, they didn't forget to feature the wishing well, cottages and the iconic Farmville windmill. 

Serving as a one-stop shop, they also developed a souvenir shop so that they can feature and sell the works of Taal locals and at the same time, provide fashionable stay at the farm. Yup, there's a cute boutique so you can purchase items for your OOTD.

Cafe Ala Eh

In case you are here to get away from the city but still having backlogs with work, fret not. They have cafe Ala Eh -- coined from the terms 'ala eh' which doesn't have an exact meaning but a famed expression in Batangas. They serve famously hot and cold brewed coffees, chocolates, frappes, and teas!

Restorante de Farmacia

I wrote another review for the Restorante de Farmacia here: Farmville's Restorante de Farmacia but to give you a quick review, they serve fresh farmville items and famous Taal dishes including its top-notch food, the Taal longganisa.

Ella's Recommendation
1. If you plan to visit, make sure that you make a reservation on their website so that there would be people who can assist you from the entry point.

2. You can do both day tour or overnight

3. It will take you a long time to roam around the area as the place is tremendously bigger than what it seems like in the photo. Hence, it's instagrammable and a relaxing place to stay!

4. Yep, it will take a lot of walk if you are aiming for great photos in the whole place so I highly suggest that you go for overnight.

**Some photos are from Hey daddy PH. 

Location: Taal Maranan's Farmville Inc., Taal Batangas


  1. Replies
    1. for day tours, it depends on the type of cottage you are planning to rent -- it starts from 500 and is good for sharing. For overnight, it's around 1,500-8,000 for room sharing also. :)

  2. need pa ba ng reservation kahit day tour lang?

    1. No need naman. :) mas highly recommended lang para if ever na commuting mas madaling mapuntahan ang place since nagiinform sila sa mga staff and iba na iguide.

  3. I have never been in Taal, i just saw it from a distance. I hope i can come and visit there anyways someday!!!

  4. How much po accomodation for two.overnight.

    1. Hello usual rates are 2k-14k depending on the room type :)