Tagaytay: Charming Tagaytay Vacation Home

True to its name, Charming Tagaytay Vacation House gives that chic and charming ambiance with its amenities and Instagram-worthy accents. Visiting Tagaytay soon? Check this out:

Ella's experience

From the entrance itself, you'll feel that it's already Christmas all over the place! Red poinsettias, gold and green balls, and Christmas wreaths! What else reminds you of Christmas further? -- Well, it's the climate and Tagaytay's climate always is perfect to define that!

Living Room, Dining Area, and Kitchen -- they are all in good shape and happy vibe at the same time! We had the chance to explore more on the dining area when the team had open forum and sharing of ideas about blogging. The place is good for team bondings and family events.

On the second floor, they also have a mini sala where you can have a little chat before you go back to your rooms. There's also a little veranda overlooking the garden and the street.


I had the chance to visit three rooms on the 2nd floor and a little glimpse of the master's bedroom located on the ground floor. Each room has a different mood and color palette making it all chic but giving a character on its own.

This is my friend and I's room and I'm glad that it has its own comfort room! We also have cabinets each and lamp shades for each of us.

If you are coming in huge groups, there are still plenty of beds in the attic, which could eventually accommodate 16 people at the same time comfortably-- that's perfect for groups!!

The garden is the part that I enjoyed the most, it's super instagrammable and fresh. Probably if you'll take a look at the best houses in Manila, the only thing that it lacks is the swimming pool but it's okay because no one would like to swim with the kind of weather Tagaytay has so it's just perfect! We strolled around and took plenty of photos!

Ella's Recommendations

1. Rates are at P15,000 each day for an off-peak season and I highly suggest that you check on their page.
2. Pre-arrange your stay on their page as the house is in an exclusive subdivision!

Check on their page: Tagaytay Vacation Home


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