2018 milestones! - A quick recap

Needs no introduction, here's 10 of my bests this 2018!

Yup, I finally got to ride ferris wheel this 2018! 

1. My first Winter

Spending my new year abroad will have it's own kind of standards already after this amazing trip in Korea! Currently missing the tangerine drink too! Other achievements on my 2018 list is my TOPIK results, online winnings, affiliations, contributions in my new and old organizations. Reunions with my Kpop friends and concerts!

2. Family reunions and celebrations

Swimmings, family gatherings all covered up the first quarter of my 2018!

3. Kimchi Adventures -- Blogging Opportunities
posting some of the mid-year photos I had during in terms of my blogging gigs and it's weird that I got a photo wearing a gown because my friends said I'll be doing photoshoot (be the photographer) but ended up being dolled. More mojitos, photobooths in 2019!

4. Events, Prods, Coverages and duties
 Event coverages this year started with sool and ends with soju! Kiddin! I enjoyed all my events, prods and volunteering coverages -- including all the after parties! ♥

5 Welcoming Kimchi to the family!
Having our first dog in the family is the best thing ever! Welcoming 'Kimchi' named by my mom is like having a little sister playing around with me. I wish she grows well in the coming years!

Cheers to a great 2018! xoxo