10 people and groups that made my 2018 special; Thank you so much!

Only a few days left before 2018 ends and I'd like to thank everyone who made it very special in their own unique ways. From my old and new teams who let me develop my skills, talents and helped me keep my passion for the things I do, I can't thank you enough! I may not say it always but I love you all! Here are some of the people that I personally wanna point out!

 1. (Mameeeh Jessica and Ate Sarah) and the whole Arirang Town PH

Striking three years in a row, I've been volunteering for Arirang and I'm glad that from four volunteers during semis, we've been continuously increasing in number and is going active with events related to Korean culture like PhilKor!

Also, a huge shoutout to Mameeeeh Jessica and Ate Sarah for always accommodating me and pushing me to join events when I'm too lazy to come. HAHAHA. And Mameeeeh for pushing me to do beauty blogs and lots of stories about people, Korea, Koreans and food! ATPH team, Aja!

2. (Krew cuties, walwal peeps and The Krew

To the team that has been my stress reliever ever since college days -- needs no introduction because you've been such a huge blessing to me and I'm very happy to meet you always during duties and of course after parties! To my closest Krews -- Ate Reg, Nems, Riana and Phil -- the team that has never been completed this year up until Christmas party!!!

To more drinking sesh with the 'fam,' more dramas, more photos and more events together in 2019! Thank you for being a part of my 2018! Can't forget to say thank you Kass for always reposting funny memes!

3. Baron and the MGOC/ 88 ACE family
 To the MGOC and 88 Ace team that I worked within the past few months, thank you for welcoming me to the family and for sharing most of your knowledge with me! Also to the people in 2nd floor for the support and meryendas!

Hello Tito Barbar!!! Your face deserves a lot of space in my blog because I annoyed you the most this year yet you still managed to be nice on me! I am a food blogger but you were the one who introduced me to different restaurants and cafes! (U the RK!) 
1st photo: Filipino Baron  /  2nd photo: Korean Baron

Thanks for accompanying me with my first ferris wheel ride and playing those shitty games in Timezone to claim Pingu! Me is cryingggg. Also for taking me to these furry friends in BF and taking a photo with their team in Halloween Costume! 

 Uhm. thanks for the samgyupsals when I'm drastically mad and for all the potato corners when I'm annoyed! Forced you to drink soju for the first time sorryyyyyyy. (Basically, everything is just food!) Hence, the atay in Baclaran, the calamares - bopis - kwek kwek sequence that we mastered in Multi and even visiting Vito and making SB as our excuse.

Lastly, (ito na yung madrama, kuha ka na ng tissue) for always helping me out with my blog, lay-outs, ideas, event preparations, my ranting wall about work or just a random shizz out there, sincerely, Thank you! I may always annoy you, always keep myself quiet or suddenly distant and I don't say thank you but I appreciate them all! (Iiyak na yan! :) Still can't believe you are dependable enough because I initially thought you are a bummer who would just show up whenever you feel like.) I hope I could still work with you or hang around in the future! Plus, I am honestly thankful that  you still managed to accompany me to Farmville despite everything and for showing that you are skilled in videog and photog too! Good job bb!!! (English to kasi La Shalle :D )

4. My online friends (A lot of them!)
To the people online -- that despite the 365 days that this year have -- we still didn't manage to meet one another or we just simply passed by without saying hello because we are too shy to do so, hope you guys have been doing great! I don't want to name all of you because I might accidentally skip some names but you guys know who you are! In the first quarter of 2018, you know how dramatic it has been yet you opened up your chats and gave me so much love and support. Little by little, I managed to pull myself together, back on track and kept the fire burning. Let's get it on!

PS: di na drawing si Near Chua

5. Jelina and Jiyeon
To my two ranting walls, it's been more than four years and we still kept trash talking one another and that's how we show love to each other hahahaha! To Jel, that has been there since 'ate pahelp' days to us now being bloggahs! And to Jiyeon who is now being nakikiblogger, (jk labyu!) You guys are always there for me and I love you both!!!!

PS: Jiyeon umuwi ka na. Hinahanap ka na ng jejeworld at wala tayong pic this year.

6. Blogger friends!
I'd like to thank Lee (Momma Lee Adventures), Karla (travelwithkarla), Tito Jonathan (aux1traveler) and Chelsea (Chelsea Sayo Beauty and Lifestyle) for inviting me to join them in their travels and events and of course to everyone in the blogging community that I enjoy going out with, thank you very much! I hope to do lots of events and travels together in the future! Also, a shoutout to Mark for letting me join his huge community of Filipino travelers!

Thank you also to Bes, Maiky, Anne, Karla and Riza for being nice people to me! Where is Michael?

And to my the selah team hello DB Media!

7. Sarah and Mhay (and friends from my previous workplace)
You've seen me cry quite a few times already and that didn't change your support for me. I get frustrated once in a while but you are just one chat away! Thank you for being the patatas that we know and I hope that you'll still br the Patatas that we love since day 1! Thank you for always being there for me and see you soonest! Ate Ella is just one chat away -- sometimes sleeping!

We've been too open with each other in the process of moving on and who would think we'll be friends in a just a few days of working together! We might no longer talk often but I'm always here!!! Miss you! I should be adding the photos of our students here but I can't find anyyyyyyy

8. My students and not really my students!

To these students which aren't actually my students who invited me to join them in their #GalaGoals! Thank you for listening on my rants about you know and for always inviting me to join you! Thank you always!!! Seonsaengmin is not that much busy so we can have part 2!

PS: Nhits 2019 na, move on na hahahahaha -- masaya na ang lovelife ni madam red natin hahaha

9. To all the brands who supported Kimchi Adventures

To all the brands who allowed Kimchi Adventures to be a part of their journey, be it travel, food, brand and everything, thank you for all the love and support. I don't want to name all cause I might miss some names but obviously, this year covered the food side of our lifestyle blog and I'll be engaging with more Korean contents in the future!

10. The whole Kimchilandia

To everyone who supported Kimchi Adventures, all the likes, reactions, comments and shares -- I appreciate them all. Thank you for helping me build a community that gives you updates on my travel, food, lifestyle and Korean contents adventures and for spending your time to read my blogs at Kimchi Adventures blog  Thank you very much!

Thank you for all the overwhelming support, be it small or big -- I appreciate them all. I love you and thank you for making 2018 a special one for me.  See you in 2019!


  1. Pssttt..Bakit wala name ko sa list hahaha..amg blogger...family u, mdami naman tayong ganap ah hahaha! #tampo

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    1. nice meeting you and more events in the future!!!

  3. 😘 more to come for us this 2019! Love you! Meme pa more! 😂