Spice up your 2019; Which planner suits you the best?

Inspirations? Plans? Travel Goals? We all have that -- and this coming 2019, I'll be using my 4th Starbucks planner! Didn't actually expect that i'll be receiving seven planners this year from friends, family and corporate giveaways! What is your planner this year and which among these planners suit you best?

1. Mercury Drug Joyful Daybook 2019

I love how colorful this one is. Plus the healthy tips and feel good design inside. However, something I love about a planner is that it contains plenty of space for writing day to day duties and this notebook is only for the usual writing notebook.

2. Corporate Giveaways

Have you received any corporate giveaway that's actually a planner? I got 2 this year-- and it's super formal. (Of course, it's a corporate giveaway!) My idea of a planner is colorful yet handy and spacious at the same time. So this year, I used this planner to write down my blog posts for 2019!

3. Belle De Jour Power Planner

At around 600 pesos, this planner is super nice. Colorful, handy and contains amount of inspirational pages. It comes with a membership card and discount coupons too! It's a little heavy but it's the usual size of a planner so it's okay.

4.Starbucks travel planner

Yup, this is handier than the normal sized one but not as colorful and spacious as the regular starbucks planners. So I decided to take the case and give the notebook to my officemate hahahaha. I love the design of the sleeve tho. It comes with vouchers!

5. 2019 Starbucks Planner

This is still the top on my list. Probably because it fits everything that I need, the space (wow space!!), colorful enough and the template is just my style. It comes with vouchers too!

♥ I love planners with space for monthly (small boxes in just a single fold)
♥ Daily schedule
♥ Memo
♥ Colorful
♥ Vouchers!!!

Overall, I'll be using 2019 Sb planner, starbucks travel planner and the planner from UKCA.

What's your 2019 planner? Share with me!