Five reasons why Filipinos consider Sapporo as one of their favorite Japan destinations

The fame of Sapporo, known for being the capital of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, famed for its beer and skiing has drastically been loved by Filipinos after the box-office hit Kita Kita in 2017. 

Due to the increase of Filipinos flying from Manila to Hokkaido, Philippine Airlines launched a direct flight from Manila to Hokkaido and back to cater the growing demand and recent surge of passengers for the said destination.

Here are the reasons that I am about to tell you:

1. Winter is well celebrated
The Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri) is a huge event every February in Hokkaido's capital Sapporo. It runs for a week and everyone has been enjoying it. It is one of Japan's most popular winter events.

The said festival started in 1950 when high school students fondly created snow statues in Odori park which later on had been developed to become a commercialized event with gigantic snow and ice sculptures attraction visitors and locals of Japan.

The Snow Festival is staged on three sites: the Odori Site, Susukino Site and Tsu Dome Site.

2. The Sapporo Clock Tower
Sapporo Clock Tower is a wooden structure and tourist attraction, located at North 1 West 2, Chūō-ku, Sapporo, the largest city on the island of Hokkaidō, northern Japan.

3. Moerenuma Park
Moerenuma Park is a comprehensive park in Sapporo that is intended to be the base of the “Circular Greenbelt Concept” that combines the green spaces of the city of Sapporo within a loop.

4. Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower
Odori Park (大通公園, Ōdōri Kōen) is the broad median of Odori ("large street") in the center of Sapporo, separating the city into north and south. The park stretches about a kilometer and a half over twelve city blocks and offers pleasant green space during the warmer months. In early February, the park serves as the main site of the Sapporo Snow Festival.

5. Original Snacks and Beer from Hokkaido
The Sapporo beer is one of the premium beers from Hokkaido. Aside from that, the Seoul station gives a wide variety of traditional and modern Japanese snacks that you can choose from!

As a gratitude of the City Government of Sapporo to the support and recent developments that made Japan as a popular destination for Filipinos, they launched the 'Sapporo Kita Kita: Sapporo City Promotion' and top travel agencies and special guests including Sapporo City's Vice Mayor Koyu Kishi; Sapporo Tourist Association President, Mr. Ryu Shibata and officials from Philippine Airlines were present.

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