Manse Express Lunchbox; Korean Meals under 200

Korean lunchbox is something that I often hear from my students before and experienced a few ones before whenever we have events in Korean Cultural Center. Today, I finally found a restaurant that eventually sells legit Korean lunchboxes for less than 200 pesos only (below $4)!

Since the place is a food hall, I'm glad that it is well lighted with neon colored lights and well-airconditioned. I love how the Malingap food hall practices CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) system so they don't have that many staffs to clean. 


Types of set meals differ from one another, some have bulgogi with two types of kimchi, pickled radish, beansprouts, egg roll, meat loaf cuts (which is usually served in a lunch box) and macaroni salad.

The other one is Samgyupsal, which I am really happy about because it's traditional -- it took us long before eating but the food has already been served (because we were too hyped with the calligraphy lesson in the food park) -- but then who would thought that the meat has been perfectly cooked that even when it's no longer hot, it's still crispy and tender at the same time. How much I wish I know how to cook right that way!

Meanwhile, if you are not yet happy with the lunchboxes, then it's time to hype it up and go have some Unli BBQ! They have 8 flavors of samgyupsal to choose from.

Ella's Recommendation
1. Lunchboxes are cheaper than the ones I tried before but quality wise, it's very competitive. The sides were all good and that's a plus! They know Korean cuisine well and I could easily say that from the presentation down to the taste.

2. The store also sells ice creams, tteokbokki and other Korean dishes aside from the ones I featured. You can check about them on their page: Manse Korean Express


Malingap Central Food Hall
40 Malingap St. Teacher's Village Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines