'Sapporo Kita Kita: Sapporo City Promotion' launched for Filipino travelers; 12 film destinations that you must see and try

Due to the huge love that Filipinos gave to Sapporo,  the city government launched its "Sapporo Kita Kita: Sapporo City Promotion", as a gratitude to recent tourism developments that made this city in Japan a popular tourist destination for Filipinos. 

Here are 12 reasons why you must visit their film destinations:

1. Velotaxi Sapporo
Velotaxis are bicycle type of taxi that originated in Berlin and has been operating in Japan since 2008. Lea, the character of Alessandra de Rossi was a tourist guide and a driver of Velotaxi.

2. Sapporo TV Tower
The Sapporo TV Tower has an observatory deck where Lea's Japanese boyfriend proposed marriage to her. It is located in the first block of Odori Park and has a great view of the entire park.

3. Odori Park
If you have watched the film, the Odori Park has been mentioned when Lea talked about the time she spent with a little girl at the park. The place is approximately at 1.5km from east to west.

4. Clock Tower
 Constructed in 1878 as a drill hall for the Sapporo Agricultural College, the clock tower has been then on famous and is one of the shooting locations of Kita Kita where Lea guided two old couple on their way to the building.

5. Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
The red brick structure with neo-baroque style where Lea used to pass through in one of the scenes is the former Hokkaido Government Office Building.

6. Sapporo Factory
Sapporo Factory is where Lea and Tonyo first met. (Tonyo is the character of Empoy Marquez). The area has an approximate of 160 facilities all gathered in 7 buildings. Also, some are made of bricks that give the feel of the pioneering days and one with a large glass atrium.

7. Susukino
Popularly known as the largest entertainment district north of Tokyo -- the Susukino is comprised of approximately 3,500 restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities.

8. Maruyama Park
If you are trying to spot the best destination for cherry blossom viewing in Sapporo, then this is the place you are looking for!

9. Sapporo Fushimi Inari Shrine
Believed to be the 'power spot' in Hokkaido, this has been a famous spot where Tonyo and Lea prayed for the recovery of Lea's eyes.

10. Mount Moiwa Summit Observatory Deck - Lovers Sanctuary
Lovers Sanctuary on the observation deck at the summit of Mt. Moiwa is where couples pledge their love for each other by attaching a padlock on to the observation deck and later on rings the bell.

11. Munich Bridge
The film shows that Lea passes through the Munich bridge on her way to work. The said bridge was built in 1991 to celebrate the relationship between Sapporo and Munich.

12. Moerenuma Park
Designed by the world's famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi, the park constitutes a large campus where art and nature are balanced and well celebrated. It is also a place suggested to do cycling.

Which among these spots are on your Sapporo bucket list?

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