Yokocho food court in Baclaran; your Japanese food hall in Manila

If you live near Baclaran and haven't tried this yet, you are missing a lot! Yokocho food court in Baclaran occupies the whole 4th floor of the Victory Mall and it's a must try!

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It's actually nice to know that this kind of place exists in Baclaran! To think that it's been months since I started passing by the place yet we didn't notice this area yet. It took us only 15 mins of waiting time and didn't feel it that much as we have plenty of spots to take photos!

Loaded with lots of cherry blossom designs around the floor, the lights and even the decors and posters surrounding you, there's a huge feeling that you are in Tokyo's food hallway! There's even a map guide of Japan's railway!


Mechanics: 399 per head but requires at least 2 dining guest per table to accommodate you! 1-4 years old is free and 5-9 years old is half the price! No sharing, no leftover!

This huge table caters lots of dishes and I am happy to see my favorite pickled radish and mushroom that I often add on soups or grill here! It's actually my first time to see them and that's a two thumbs up for me!

Since we were only two, we only selected the items that we'd like to try! Here are some: 
1. Baby potatoes are our thing and so as the baby corns!
2. We added greens and of course the mushroom!
3-4. We also tried the fish and some shrimps and let's not forget the selection of meats!

I love how they gave their guests plenty of choices in terms of meat and marinates! From the plain ones down to the bulgogi type, they have it!

Here's a closer look of what we tried (first!) because we went back about four times for refill! Yep, they also have hot dogs and my personal favorite is the crab croquettes which took me a few minutes before realizing what it is!

Ella's recommendation
1. It didn't take us long before we had our table probably because it's almost 7pm and it's a weekday! However, the only thing that I didn't like is that the waiting area is the same as the smoking area.

2. Everything here is worth it for the price! There's no service charge either so it's a great place to dine in.

3. Staffs are nice and you can always ask for the things you need. Though most of it are easily available in the buffet area, some are quite hard to locate because they're all under the table.

4. Dishes like takoyaki, gyoza and maki are available upon request.


Location: 4th floor, Food Market Baclaran beside Baclaran Church