10 Soju mixes that you should try

Gonbae! What is the best way to end the night? Wanna do it the Korean way? Then here's one of Korea's most popular drink when you want to party the night away! Soju nights after working all day is a way to destress for most Koreans. Soju is a clear distilled beverage commonly consumed with Korean BBQ especially Samgyupsal. 

Soju's alcoholic contents starts from 14% to 56% depending on the manufacturer and brand. Are you ready to try different soju mixes? Here's the list.

1. Somaek
 Somaek is a mixture of Soju and Maekju (beer). For the mixture, the smooth ones start with a ratio of 1 soju :9 beer cups while a ratio of 1:1 for for the hard ones. Somaek is the most common for drinking games like 'Titanic' also. I will create a separate blog post for popular Korean drinking games so watch out for it!

2. Soju + Yogurt (yakult) + sprite (Soju bomb)
For this one, you just need to mix one bottle of soju, one or two bottles of yakult (depending on your taste but it usually comes with one only) and 1 small bottle of sprite of about 300mL. Mix together and just add some ice. (photo from websta.org)

3. Soju and Lime (sometimes with sprite/cider)
This is also popular as soju mojito wherein lime or calamansi is added to soju for that sour kick. If you are too lazy to make one, you can purchase soju lime flavored drinks at Korean marts already. (Tho it's still quite hard to find some in the Philippines as of the moment.) I highly suggest that you also add melona ice cream to this. Ratio is just 1 bottle: 1 lime. (photo from goop)

4. Soju and Aloe
This is still unpopular but a must try too. You'll be surprised with how well the aloe drink matches the soju. Ratio is just one shot glass of soju to half a cup of aloe juice. You may add more soju if you want it stronger. (photo from Yelp)

5. Soju + Cola + Beer

Here comes a twist with the regular somaek. Just add some cola (coke) for that sweet taste. Ratio for this is just the same with somaek but I suggest that you follow our usual ratio of 1 cup of soju: 1 bottle of cola: 1 can of beer for a better taste.  

You may also try 1 shot glass of coke: 1 shot glass of soju and fill up the remaining space of the cup with beer. (photo from intoxicated abroad)

6. Melona soju and sprite
Melona is a favorite Korean fruit flavored ice cream but it is also a favorite in matching with soju. Ratio is simply 1 shot glass of soju: 1 shot glass of sprite + 1 stick of melona ice cream. (photo from yelp)

7. Soju + gatorade + hot 6 energy drink

A combination of  soju, gatorade and an energy drink is also a well recommended drink from Koreans. The ratio is 1 shot glass Hot 6 (if you can't find any, a local brand will do): 1 shot glass of soju: 1 shot glass gatorade. Add ice to your liking. (photo from klook)

8. Soju and Coffee

I was shocked when I first heard about this so I made some research and tried this once and for all. The taste? I'll leave it hanging so you'd try it for yourself. Here's the ratio, 1 shot glass of soju and fill up your cup with coffee and ice. Enjoy! (photo from sethlui)

9. Soju and Minute Maid

I bet most of you haven't heard about this combination but it actually exist and is easy to make. Just like the combination of coffee and soju, the ratio is just 1 shot glass of soju and fill up your cup with minute maid. This is best when minute maid is at the state of being like a slush. 

10. Soju and fresh fruits

Watermelon soju is the most famous type of soju with fruits but there are plenty of fruit flavored soju that currently exists in the market, some includes blueberry and peach. Ratio differs on the taste and ripeness of the fruit so you better try it yourself. (photo from Yelp)

Which among the soju mixes from this list have you tried? Share with me your experiences and if you have other mixes that you know!


  1. I'm familiar with Soju as my friends always keep on telling me about this! I can see their interest with, Thank you for sharing these mixes, I'm excited to tell my friends about this!

  2. We can replace the title with 10 ways to die. HAHAHAHA! I love Aloe Juice but I haven't tried it with Soju. Let's do it next time you visit our house. ^^

  3. I tried soju once and I didn't like it - I prefer sake instead both warm and cold.
    It's interesting that you can mix and match soju with others!