Music Bank: The Kstyle karaoke/ Noraebang experience in Macapagal

Noraebang is what Koreans call their Karaoke rooms. It is but a spacious room for those who’d like to sing their heart out where no one else will judge you. It is a place that’s perfect for those who can sing like a diva and those like me whose out of tune. (I can’t do anything about it!) 

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This place has a huge area that can comfortably accommodate about 20 people with just enough space and tables for their drinks and meals. Moreover, the huge space is perfect for huisik (Korean way of having enjoyable meal time together after a long day at work).

Our experience

It wasn’t my first time in a Noraebang but I enjoyed this because they do not allow smoking inside the area and I’m happy about. The last one I tried was in Tomas Morato and that one smelled like cigar. This one is better. The lighting is great, and the sound system is great as well.

It was the traditional Korean Karaoke remote having the English letters and Korean character together in one remote. I could easily notice that it was my friends’ first time in the noraebang because they find it hard to use the remote. (Though I had a hard time too because it was different from the usual remote that used before.)

I just hope they have the song that I’ve been looking for the next time that I’ll comeback. Anyway, they have an updated set list; only that song wasn’t on the list.

We had the chance to try the 3 hour package which includes 4 orders of lumpiang shanghai, 2 platters of nachos, 2 platters of kikiam and squid balls, iced teas and colas. The package allows us to accommodate up to 15 people and we started to sing right away.

Whenever I go to a Karaoke, I always feel shy so I don’t really sing but for this day, I sang my heart out and had the chance to sing together with them. I am quite confident because we are friends and they won’t really care if I don’t have a good voice. They also do. (Kiddin’!)

We sang together, at some point – just shouting because we were so happy humming random lyrics. Singing, a little dance, clapping, waving – we all did it together. I was glad that I had the chance to enjoy Kpop songs with my friends, from the classic ones like fire to the latest ones like Killing Me! I miss the days that I’ve been going out with my Kpop friends to watch events, concerts or just simple small gatherings.

After three or four songs, all our energy got drained down. Only proves were already Kpop Titas! Nevertheless, I’m glad that I had the chance to do Noraebang once again and I’d like to enjoy it one more time with some of my friends in the Kpop community.

Ella’s recommendation

1. Do it with your group and don’t be a bummer. You come here to enjoy so sing your heart out. No judgements!

2. This can help you learn Korean too, reading the lyrics is a fun thing to do.

3. Maximize the number of people that can enter, it’s quite pricey so I highly suggest that you do it in a huge group.


HK Sun Plaza Macapagal Ave. Brgy 76, Pasay


  1. I enjoyed this experience! I wish we had more time haha!

  2. Did you booked beforehand? I'm struggling to find their real contact number. If you could help thanks.