Quezon: Sunshine Sunflower Farm Philippines, exploring nature and supporting PWDs

An hour or two ride from Manila is this super cute sunflower farm in Quezon with all natural sunflowers on display, there's plenty of photos that you could surely take. This Sunflower farm doesn't just end with just 'instagrammable' features. They also help PWDs of Quezon sustain their daily needs by means of employment.

At the entrance, you'll be welcomed by these banners about the things you can see inside the farm. Same as at the entrance, they'll be asking 100 pesos donation (entrance fee) for the maintenance of the farm and their advocacy to employ PWDs in the area.

Here's some of the attractions that you can see here. Everything here were made by locals and some are from indigenous materials. I love how they were able to create great pieces using the things available in their place.

Souvenir Shop

When we visited the souvenir shop, we were catered by a deaf girl and an old man who happens to be mute, (I'm not really sure but I can see in their actions because whenever I ask for a price, they just point on the amount). I was amazed that they were smiling a lot when visited the shop. Like the usual, I bought some keychains and ref magnets. Also, something that shouldn't be missed is are the sunflower seeds! They also have other items like mugs, flower displays, shirts, bookmarks at a cheaper price!

While trying to take photos on the field, we were approached by another staff and he offered to take our picture. He was nice enough to do it and i appreciate it a lot. However, it wasn't taken because he might not be able to click it properly. I didn't feel dismayed because i understand that the design of our camera is still alien to him but I do appreciate his effort to communicate with us. Staffs were always smiling and helpful and it makes me happy.

Of course, I would never miss the chance to take pictures with the sunflowers! The first one was taken in the sunflower maze. The flowers were not in full bloom yet but i'm glad to see that it's all in good shape. They have a maze, sunflower beds, tree houses, coffee shop, prettily designed attractions like swings, photo frames, benches designed as flowers, cars with sunflower designs and lot more! 

Here's a mixture of sunflowers that started to bloom, in full bloom and starting to wither.

Ella's Recommendation

1. Expenses:
Ride a bus from Buendia to Lucban and it passes by Tiaong, Quezon (price is usually at 150 to 230 pesos depending on the bus line). The farm is on the highway so you'll directly get off at the entrance.

2. It will take about 3 hrs to reach the place so I suggest that you plan your itinerary ahead and visit Lucban afterwards.


Maharlika Highway
Lalig, Tiaong, Quezon