Sweet and colorful day at The Dessert Museum

It was a fun-filled, sweet and colorful day for the team as we went out to bond together, take some sweets and enjoy the Dessert Museum just in S Maison near SM Mall of Asia. I know that this museum has been all over your news feed before, but I still want to share with you my experience with my recent visit!


As it’s a dessert museum, expect the colorful vibe of the place. It has six rooms with different themes and each room has specially been designed for your sweet tooth. Aside from that, they have dessert samplers every room.


They have a candy cake display and you can order from them on your birthday!

After paying at the reception/receiving area, they’ll give you a pink wrist band that gives you access to the rooms and claiming of the samplers inside. You'll be welcomed by some of the displays at their receiving/ waiting area.

1. Donut room

The donut room is surrounded by hanging donuts which make it instantly perfect for your Instagram feed. Aside from its aesthetic, they have some samplers of mini cupcakes in that area. At some point, I find it weird that the samplers weren’t donut.

2. Marshmallow

The next room is the marshmallow room where plenty of hanging marshmallow like soft textured items were up for you to see and take pictures with. There’s also a rainbow marshmallow like display that’s super colorful and the green tea and chocolate fondue. Here, you have the choice of having a huge piece (a size of a small cup) marshmallow dipped in one of the two flavors.

3. Cookies and Candies
You’ll be amazed with how cute this room is! There’s plenty of gigantic blue and pink striped candy cane like structures! Here, there is a small area where you can take photos with the candies in a jar, try the blue and pink seasaw with your friend, “jump or fly,” take a photo and take a photo with huge cookies!

4. Ice Cream
Among the rooms, this is one of my favorites. It’s a colorful ball pit where there are both small and large balls that you can play with.

Here, you can also ride a cute hot air balloon like ice cream full of balloons. It’s super cute! I also love the fact that they have different kinds of ice cream and one is called chili chocolate.

5. Bubblegum
Have you imagined yourself being in a huge gum machine? Well, you no longer need to visualize cause it’s just right in front of you here at the Bubblegum room and you’ll be having the chance to try it! They also operate bubble machines for a fun kiddie experience! I just realized that I didn't get a photo on the bubblegum room so I used the photo from the ice cream room pitball.

6. Gummy bears

Gummies? They have it for you! There’s these cute huge bears that looks like gummies. They also have a huge bath tub where you can take photos while holding lots of balloons and getting surrounded by small colorful balls! Can you imagine your Instagram feed now.

7. Lollipop

The last part is the lollipop room where there’s this cute large lolly drops that you can ride on. This is the area perfect for your family or barkada picture. What’s in store for you here is the basketball area where you can throw cute balls!

8. Cotton Candy

As this place is so magical, we never missed the chance to take photos with the place. Once you enter this room, you'll be surrounded by cute dreamy pink cotton candy like displays which makes every corner so insta-worthy.

Last is the souvenir shop where you can purchase some of the cute stuff that would remind you of your sweet fun filled experience at the Dessert Museum.

Ella’s Recommendation

1. The place isn’t just for kids, it’s also for people like me who is a kid at heart so I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it!

2. Price range is quite on the higher level for students and children but adults would surely can afford it. It often ranges from 500 to 800 pesos depending on what type of package you’ll avail. (There’s also discount vouchers available on metrodeal or other online sites). Sometimes, they have free entrance for birthday celebrants as long as you'll be bringing paying guests with you.

3. Is it worth it? For a 2 hour tour, I have to say yes. You came here obviously to take photos of the place and I have to say that it’s well maintained. There’s even samplers for each room. Additionally, if you are bringing kids here, you just made them feel very special and happy to roam around a fantasy like museum where all their favorites candies are present.

Lastly, I hope you also take time to read the trivias prettily designed on their walls! Afterall, it's a museum!


Ground Floor, S Maison beside Conrad Hotel