Rustic feel fine dining experience in Flatterie, SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

A fine dining restaurant in SM Mall Of Asia (MOA) located just the side entrance of the Main Mall is an elegant and romantic food dining experience that serves flat breads, pastas, rice meals and desserts.

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Since it has a minimalist, futuristic yet rustic feel, they maintain low light ans maximize the use of candles making the restaurant feel really romantic. Accessibility wise, they have a great location inside the mall.

*photo from Flatterie Page*

My friends and I had the set meat good for 4 people and initially thought that it wouldn't fit 4 people because the pasta is good for one only but when the other food has been served, it was actually more than enough. It also comes with a pitcher of iced tea.


We had the usual carbonara flavor with some white sauce, topped with bacon bits, Parmesan cheese and some greens.

The next one is the flat bread with cheese toppings. We all love this bread because it wasn't extremely thin crust but just as good as pizza. The side of the bread is also crispy yet it still maintained its moisture. It's cheesy and has a good kick of garlic taste.

We were also served with rice meals having donkatsu like breaded pork and chicken. It was topped with fried onion rings and comes with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Teriyaki 'brown' sauce has been served together with it.

When we were about to pay, the staff asked if they'll be serving the dessert already and I'm pretty surprised about it. We just scanned the menu and look for set meals but we didn't read it that much that we missed the part that says the one we order includes a dessert. Chocolate flat bread ala mode is a little chewy bread topped with chocolate spread, powder, some mallows and vanilla ice cream.

Ella's recommendations

1. You may think that this resto is very expensive but it's actually great for its price. We spent about 1,200 for food which is good for 4 people so if you'll go for chip in, that's only 300 each.

2. The food is great. Both the sweet and savoury flavored flat bread, the pasta and the rice meal taste really good. I must recommend it to people who'd love to try this type of bread pan pizza.

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